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Happy Birthday, QTB! (<---- Hey, she never says that!)
Carrie is right, I was referring to Rainbow's thread about house hunters; some people who were looking at her home asked her for a slice of pie she had just made... then, predictably, asked for a bunch of other stuff when they made their offer...too weird. I can't imagine what those people were thinking, to be so blatantly greedy. Bizarro. It's better when the people aren't there when you are looking at their house, probably for both parties.
Chaka- Not sure what brand of funny you are seeking, but I do recall laughing till I wet myself at an armpits thread not too long ago in Natural Health and home or whatever the flip it's called. I have to get, or I'd link to it. I think it might be called "smelly pits" I believe Monkey was the OP....pretty good stuff Good luck and I hear ya on needing a good laugh. I'm wound so tight right now I'm about to flip around the room like a loose balloon. jd
We have been house hunting for months. We pretty much had to drag our kids (ages 4 and 2) with us for various reasons most of the time, even though we live here already and know people who could have tended them for us. I will agree that it's not ideal, but it has turned out to be less awful than I was imagining. Here are some possible reasons why; -our realtor was really cool about it and helped us make sure the kids were ok. This might be something to get a feel...
Hi, Amy. Congratulations on your new baby girl! I have loved getting to know you through your posts. I enjoy your perspective and have learned much from you. This is a good excuse to tell you that . It's a temple that is being built. It's the Manhattan temple. I have not been successful with links before, but I'll try here: http://lds.org/temples/main/0,11204,1919-1-31-0,00.html This link gives info on when the general public can go through. You might find it...
Cool thread! And, Quote: the woman (JPB that is) squats in her garden to menstruate and she can do it in, like, half an hour! .........WOWZAH! Never heard of that before! And I wait until it's dark to water my porch plants with my pad-soaking water, what a wimp I be! So has anyone else heard of this? Does she just kegel it out? Spose I will have to wait until I live on acreage till I can see for myself.
Awww...I got vicarious chills from your warm fuzzy story. Thanks for sharing. Isn't it great when you just calm down and notice that it all works? And while I'm here, I have been wanting to tell QueeTheBean for a while now that I think your sig line is hysterical. Do the kids look like you, or your dh? And Aishy, I dig that knitting smilie... I'm needing to feel the love, can you tell? MDC is taking a beating. The whole world is taking a beating. ...
pm'ing you
Aww, Moonbucket, her calling you that is so rude and annoying. I had a woman go off at a church function about the "psychos" who don't have epidurals, and my husband said, "JD didn't have one, and she's pretty sane." The whole table (it was couples) looked at me and everyone got quiet, and then she said, "Well it's okay, [THANKS FOR THE PERMISSION] except when it's like they're a big club! (laughs) Yeah, can you imagine if there was a whole club for those women who do all...
I miss her. And am sending good thoughts... :
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