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really, no one has a source that they love for olive oil? 
I am part of a local tiny food coop, and we are looking for a california farm or source for high quality olive oil at an affordable price. Anyone have a recommendation? Thanks!
I lived in a similar cooperative housing place during my first pregnancy. We decided to move out before the baby came because I knew we wouldn't be able to put the amount of time/work into cleaning when we had a newborn as we were before and the roommates would definitely not pick up the slack, they would've gotten grosser.Ultimately what we decided in our very punk group was that everyone had different standards of cleanliness, and those that wanted it cleaner had to...
We are going to encapsulate it. Can anyone link to online directions that are good? I've found some on a few sites, but I don't know how much ginger/lemon to use in the boiling water. Thanks!
Saw your other thread so I figured I would contribute my thoughts here. In my experience contact poop rash is due to food allergens. Not necessarily yeast. If I was in your shoes, I would probably put the baby on a pretty similar diet to you (minus the butter), but with her own choosing of the ratios of food, so she could have as much rice and potatoes as she wanted and maybe trial a few fruits for her too so she has more variety and carb choices. Trial coconut too for...
It's so hard to know what to do or what's causing what! I remember that so vividly. Did the mucous in his poop go away during your elimination? Strange, but my LO's sleep got so much worse after a trip when he was 2 months old too. He went from sleeping a 5 hour block to up every 1-2 hours for months. So hard, and such weird timing. Between the excema, mucousy stool, sleep issues, etc definitely sounds like there's something allergy related going on.  Dairy, soy, gluten,...
How did your dairy elimination go? Those symptoms sound very likely that your LO is reacting to dairy in your diet. Hope you were able to stick with it and see some improvement! 
We saw Dr Schwimmer in PBG one time so far and we were very happy with him. He was very flexible with us about no/very selective/delayed vaxing. Hope he keeps it up!   I was seeing Dr Knaus for my health stuff, and I wish I knew who to go to now! Anyone know of a good family practice drs that take adults? 
I would try magnesium citrate to bowel tolerance say 1000-1200mg a day. Most people are deficient in Mg anyway, so it could help on multiple accounts.
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