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I would think that animal fats might be your best choice. My ds doesn't react to pork, so we use alot of local pastured lard. If your lo is ok with beef (mine's not) you could do 100% grassfed beef tallow. That would have no corn/soy problems in case he is v sensitive to what the animals eat.
Well, our butter oil trial is a bust. Loose poops and an allergy ring plus darker under eyes. We're nipping this in the bud and stopping right away before the diarrhea takes hold. I should probably order the k2 now. I made some super yum chicken liver pate today with bacon. D didn't like it, of course. We don't really have any other K2 sources in the diet right now. After much looking into the fCLO, I really didn't find much. My friend who works in R&D at a...
Dandelion greens are always bitter. I think they're more bitter when they're cooked just because they are more concentrated. You could try eating a leaf raw with each meal. The bitter flavor is really good for digestion; it stimulates the release of stomach acid and bile. The more I eat bitter things, the more I want them.... cs, yes ferments=histamines. Sorry about all the reactions. We are trialing butter oil today. I gave him one dose this morning. I noticed a...
We pre chewed the meat for our LO too. Eventually he could start eating ground stuff. I don't remember when though.
In one word, yes. Nutritional problems can cause delayed teething. My 18 mo old has this problem. He has 10 teeth right now (4 molars and 6 incisors) He also has lots of food intolerances so I think that's causing poor absorption. I was veggie for 15 yrs and I think that's one of our root causes. He is allergic to all veggie protein (soy, seeds, nuts, dairy, eggs, beans, etc) so we are eating tons of meat now. Cell salts have been extremely helpful. Whenever he takes...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamafish9 Interesting - why? I know it tastes foul, but so do B vitamins. Other reasons? I am going to take a couple days to look into it and possibly even get it tested for free fatty acid level. I will check back in with all of you about it later on. Quote: Originally Posted by Mammo2Sammo I am about to be fired from my pt childcare job, or at least severely have my hours reduced - or quit. ...
Does anyone have a soy free vit a from fish liver oil that is purity tested?
It burns my throat like old, old, oil. How can we be sure that's good? mamafish! You are helping so many people here
Thanks, I am not sure about A or K. Probably bad considering our ED. We are getting butter oil in the mail very soon. I am contemplating giving him one of my 10,000 IU retinols from fish liver every other day but it's got soy oil in it so I'm not sure. This is blasphemy, but DH and I are now convinced that fCLO is pretty much rancid unfood.
Also, liquid chlorophyll and alfalfa.
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