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I would lean my body into the crib to nurse side-lying. A word of caution though--- the added weight put stress on the bars the hold the mattress platform in place, and ours actually bent out of shape. I wouldn't recommend putting your weight into the crib unless it is in the lowest setting. That's why I said "I WOULD." Not "would" as in a suggestion, but "would" as in what I USED to do before the crib got messed up by the extra weight
Okay sorry to be vague. Maybe that's why no one else answered! The platform has a metal perimeter. It rests on the top of the bottom drawer of the crib. The bottom line is, there is now only one possible place for the mattress platform to be, and that is 5-6 inches below the surface of our bed. We thought about getting another crib mattress- but wouldn't that be too bouncy/cushy?
Things were going great with our sidecarred crib. The mattress was in the middle setting, flush with our mattress. THEN, DP thought it would be funny to curl up in the crib... The bars holding the mattress platform it in the middle-height position buckled under the weight and bent irreversibly out of shape. Now, the platform is resting in the lowest position, where it sits on the edges of the frame. It's about 5-6 inches lower than our bed. Baby is safe in there...
Quote: Originally Posted by lovemyfamily6 I'd be really interested in some fashion tips. I'm a very low-maintenance girl. I've never been fashion savvy and wear pretty basic things. For example, every spring I go to Old Navy and buy four or five "perfect t-shirts" in short sleeves and every fall I buy a few in long sleeves. I'd love some suggestions on how to look "put together" with minimal pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. I don't wear jewelry or other...
Quote: Originally Posted by cotopaxi I just let the cleaning lady go, she's about to drop a nap I think, and she's getting more of an opinion about how to do things. LOL I thought you meant the cleaning lady!! I was like "wow, your cleaning lady's not entitled to an opinion so you let her go?!?"
I just wanted to add that in some cultures baby ear piercing is just the normal thing that everyone does. This, of course, doesn't make it right or wrong. My baby's father is Dominican and eevvvvveerryyyone in his family has asked me when I'm going to pierce our LO's ears. They all think it's bizzarre that I haven't. Also I work in Harlem and many African-American moms have asked me when I'm going to do it. I say this because a lot of people have replied that they...
It seems like all the clothes from Old Navy, target, gap, etc are made of thin cotton. Where can I get wool blend, fleece, and warmer clothes? I'm having trouble keeping her warm enough and it's not even winter! I just want some nice wool-blend sweaters of thermal shirts, etc.
anyone else in heaven with their 4 - 5 month old?? Can i please see them doing some super cute things!?[/QUOTE] HEAVEN! Damn I have the perfect picture to share (can I say damn on MDC?) but I don't know how to upload it. here try this: Or do you offer the APPLE? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...32c&id=4304534
I used the infant insert and my LO was very happy in a froggish position. Now shes too tall though so we cant use it. She's 4 months. However she's not comfortable with her legs totally splayed and I'm a bigger woman so it's not like her little legs are wrapping around my torso. kwim? How do you get a littler baby comfortable? Do i have to wait another couple months? I am anxious to get my monies worth on the ergo since it was ludicrously expensive (given that it was...
Soy gave my LO green poops but didnt seem to bother her. So don't be surprised if you see green at diaper changes.
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