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those are all good ideas I guess it boils down to me also being frustrated that this babe isn't getting what ds got. the attention especially. i feel bad that i just can't provide that for him like i did the older one. and just to say...i do nurse in a chair. ds1 gets another chair, climbs up and tries to get on my back/shoulders. it's insanely annoying.
im about to go nuts...nak with a toddler climbing on me. everytime i sit to nurse the baby (2 mos) to sleep the toddler is all over me. i sah. no help during the day. i could spend QT w/ toddler if i could just get this baby to sleep. but it's proving impossible. today toddler was screaming and banging on bedroom door while i was trying AGAIN. i try to put on a movie...but attn span is like ZILCH esp. if he knows where/what i'm doing. any tips?...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kivgaen I don't understand... you're not starting at the beginning -- you still level 96! I invited a couple of my friends from work to join the group -- Jessica and Sallyspar. Give them a warm welcome! i just made a new character named chirp. i might be a level two. old chirp is still there though. taking up the top spot until someone beats level 96. unless the dm deletes the account...which i would have no...
i'm back!!!! so sad to look at old chirps character sheet...now i'm starting all the way at the beginning!!
chore wars doesn't remember me!!! thats why i haven't been on!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by wookie is that a food?! never tried it. chana masala. hahahaha...totally didn't read the rules...sorry
I love alone time I love thunderstorms The irises are starting to bloom here! I spend too much time on the computer I love enjoying good food I cook I usually stay up later than I should I love prunes. I'm a procrastinator. I am planning a birthday party. I'm making a lot of statements that have words beginning with "p".
true. the person below me cries a lot.
hate it. being heroic!
i love the but i also love carrots. sub
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