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Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate YES. I also hate that whenever I point that out, the "experienced parent" laughs at me, pats me on the head, and says something to the effect of "oh you poor, delusioned soul - you'll WANT to lock the baby up in its own room once you have it." I'm sorry. I wouldn't have gotten pregnant if I didn't want to spend time with my child and love it. There's a difference between needing time to yourself and...
yucky. i know exactly what you mean. that heat thing would drive me nuts. good vibes to your birth space, your nerves, and your hubby's health too, this way you can get some rest!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fluga I so dont get that. Little babies like company, they've been with you for 9 months before being born, why should they be put away somewhere alone? As for the OT, the clothes are all in a dresser. The dresser currently fits for all the stuff but I dont expect that to last for long lol. I havent gotten a crib yet but when I get one it'll go right next to our bed. We have the extra room to make a nursery but I cant...
jeez louise! i don't know what else to say!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Beeblebrox I'm very pregnant so I can cal me cleaning the living room, me sitting in a chair telling DH where to put things. I'm very pregnant so I can scream and cry at my sewing machine even though i'm the one who put the bobbin-holder-ma-bob back in wrong after i cleaned out the bottom. Then i can try to rationalize with it to work for me instead of against me since ultimately having a baby will mean i use the...
i'm very pregnant so i can make an apple pie for my husband (no added sugar!!) and eat half of it before he gets home.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaWolfe Definitely not considering it, I'm homebirthing anyway. I would say don't do it out of fear because fear, though a good motivator, is not a good enough reason and can lead to feelings of regret, etc. However, if you really feel like it's the best choice for you, then do NOT feel guilty about it! Everyone has different needs and is in different places, and that's okay. The only really big drawback that I've heard about...
wow...what a great website!! thank you! : (you're the tree!)
fresh foods!! with bright colors! peppers! tomatoes! citrus fruits (they help you absorb iron) beans have iron... greens make you feel good. (even if its just romaine lettuce...its hydrating, and full of good stuff) bananas eggs
i don't have pics of my pets. not on my computer anyway. i need batteries for my digital!! (we're waiting to get the rechargeable battery--we'd better get it before baby is born!!) when i get some batteries i'll take some pics of my furbabies and share. they are beautiful.
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