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Also how can you tell if its smegma or an infection? He has no fever... cant smegma be mistaken for an infection? i read it can be clumpy, so the Dr just automatically assumed it was an infection! But when separation occurs, doesnt it produce smegma? I dont want to be medicating if i dont half to.      UPDATE- So my son does not have an infection! he had smegma.he has no fever, no swelling,no redness,no rash, no itching, no sign of an infection! i will be getting a...
Okay,so my son is intact, hes 2 years old( well almost) and kept saying his pee pee hurt,  i took him to the Dr and he has an infection.he did not retract the skin just a little to see the infection cause i told him he better not retract!  The Dr has boys that are intact and was the one who told me the info on leaving him intact, he told me by this age the skin should be able to be pushed back and i need to be pushing it back to clean it. He said its a hygiene issue. He...
Wow my son is intact & through my research i read that  NO BODY not even a Dr is so pose to retract the foreskin!   http://circumcisiondecisionmaker.com/foreskin-facts/development/   Here is a quote off this website- Foreskin Retraction Danger Forced foreskin retraction by an uninformed adult is the greatest penile risk boys face. It causes severe pain, bleeding, scarring, and may lead to infection and adhesions. The foreskin should be retracted only by the...
Just thought id chime in & share this link with you, before the Dr gets here :).You dont half to night wean cause of cavities.Breastmilk doesnt pool in the babies mouth like a bottle of milk would. Read more in the link below.And their are some good links at the end of the article.Good luck   http://www.kellymom.com/bf/older-baby/tooth-decay.html
Ok gotcha:)   Thanks for answering my question.I did some shots for my now 5 year old when she was an infant. I did it when i wasnt educated on vaxes... My son is currently not vaxed.The only one i have considered for him is the dtap only for the p part. Also chickenpox if she doesnt get them by age 12.
Nothing was wrong in your first post.Than i read his response, didnt find any thing inappropriate AT ALL. so when i read your reply i was shocked cuz i dint think he was being inappropriate & u seemed to have thought he blew you off which im not seeing.He gave u his answer without reading your evidence so maybe thats why u think he blew you off?? Idk... But any way i hope he does look over the evidence as well:)   Ive seen many of your posts & very much enjoy them, u...
Wow we got some harsh moms on here!! Whats with the hostility?? I think your being inappropriate. You can display your info in a better manner,maybe than he would be more opt to read your research.Ive seen the research & i find it very interesting! But dont like the attitude.I do not vax but this info is new to me, so thanks for posting it.
Wow u guys are harsh! So quick to judge...I actually knew Dr Sears didnt circumcize his boys.I saw him talking about it on a video.So that got me to research more & lead me to not circ my son.Thank you for explaining your view point on this issue.
Thanks so much for the info! Ive heard good things about the beco & mei tei.Ill half to save up for those haha but i def think it will be worth it.Hes a big boy & doesnt sit in his stroller very long when we go places probably cuz i have always had him in his sling. The one i have now is like the mei tai & i really love it!  Ill half to try it on my back next time i put him in it.Thanks so much for the feedback ladies!
Just wanted to chime in & say i hope u report her reaction to the VAERS website   http://vaers.hhs.gov/index
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