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Thanks for asking this! "Race" is void of any biological meaning. The differences within the races are bigger than the differences between the races. "Race" is just an attempt to use a social term in a scientific way. I am highly allergic to this. Example: "I am biracial" is untrue, no matter who says it. We all have all kinds of genetic information from more than two "races". So everyone is multiracial, making it meaningless. If you wanna know how someone looks,...
Step 1 would be to teach your children the involved languages on the level of a native speaker. I am convinced that there is no cultural identity formation possible if it's a second language to them.
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I understand that anything between the ages from 6 to 30 months are famous for separation anxiety.
I know a child who did/does that and in her case it is the very common result of attempted potty training. The mom then read a great book about holding in BMs and things became better. I have the impression that there still is potty-pressure, though.
My daughter started wearing glasses when she was 13 months old. It improves her vision significantly, so we had no trouble getting her to keep them on. The first day I had to tell her not to take them off though. No trouble since. Ask the pediatric eyedoctor how to get a 2.5 yo started.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaluscious in my home we try to think about words including curses as not being inappropriate if they're used in the right context. a...... certainly seems like it was! That wasn't cursing. She just called him a body part. The context was perfect, IMO. My cursing goes way beyond body parts... hehehe
Hey, I totally would have told that know-it-all kid to leave my little one alone. And inform him that it's pretty rude to ask: "Are you retarded?!" (and perhaps a retarded thing to do? hehehe)
This might motivate the hubby to learn Italian. If it really bothers him to not understand, he will.
We started early, gave her a baby toothbrush of her own to hold, demostrated brushing with oooh and aaah and made clear that brushing is fun and not negotiable. If she doesn't cooperate, I make deals like: If you let me brush now, I will let you play with a cup in the water. If all this didn't work (and it has up to now), I would definitely force her.
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