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diarrhea with some blood, they said i had a fissure and hemmorid which was causing the bleeding and gave me three different meds for what they decided was gerd. does anyone else have gerd? How long do I need to be on the meds for it to work, how long did it take yours to work? Is their anything I could take that isnt meds, right now im barely eating because everything is making me sick.
My husband seems way more interested in Washington so I guess I should start looking there more,he's native American so casinos are always an option too employment wise since they usually give preference to native Americans. I'm a little overwhelmed looking in Washington since I'm not familiar at all :/. I grew up in Oregon so that would be easier but he's hell bent on Washington . He wants to start looking for jobs and stuff asap not sure where to start .
My sons are 3 and have very curly hair as well i use a detangling spray by shea moisture and their curly butter or camille rose products fairy tale brand curly gel is also good. I keep is braided a lot of the time just because its easier on them that way since i don't need to brush it as often.
Thanks ladies i really appreciate your honesty.
We are what I would consider religious at all although I do have belief and faith I just don't feel the need to label it at all, I don't influence my children's beliefs as I believe that's a journey we each need to to travel on our own. We have once child in public school and one in connections,if it was entirely up to me they would all be homeschooled though.
I get asked that question all the time and find it extremely offensive especially when it comes from family members. We have four sons together and my husband has a son and a daughter from previous relationships. I personally do not feel done for me I would like at least one more. I'm the youngest of nine children and even though all my other siblings are way older than me and from my moms first marriage the idea of a large family is quite normal to me.
Well so far I am just doing move on dailyburn which is a dance workout and watching calories. But I am planning on revamping my whole way of eating ,I eat too many processed grains and not enough healthy fats for one and also gluten causes digestive issues so that needs to go. Also I'm trying to address my emotional eating as well.
I am a sahm to 4 boys 13,5 and 3 yr old twins . I would really like to have 1 more but my husband thinks we can't swing it financially but isn't entirely opposed to the idea. I would really like to get at a healthier weight before getting pregnant however so that's what I'm working on now before I start pushing the baby issue.
Sorry I didn't notice the date was just searching for housing info,they should archive this stuff after a while or something. Anyway my apologies.
I have about 75-80 lbs I would like to lose . I have started with exercise doing the daily burn move which is dance so its fun and I look forward to it. My diet is the hardest part since I do t have alot of will power when.it comes to that unfortunately
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