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Emerson was born on the 13th. He weighed in at 9 lbs and 9 oz. He was 21 inches long and we were blessed with an uncomplicated  delivery! He is already feeding beautifully and I am so glad to have him in my arms!
your not! I am not due till near the end of Jan but I have been checking quite frequently due to crazy contractions!
Officially Third Trimester now! So  excited to see how everyone is growing! You mamas all look so great!
20 wks 3 days
Just had our ultrasound today...we are having a ....BOY!!! I already knew, in my gut, it was a boy but we were hoping we might get a sister for our oldest. We are still completely over the moon but she is a little miffed. I guess she is foreseeing being outnumbered with four boys following her around! My oldest boy says..." we now have a boy army to take over with!"I think they are all excited though!  
I can't tell you whether to worry or not...but . Hope you feel better soon, and talk to your midwife/ doctor about it for sure!  
you know your pregnant when you stay up until 5 am to peruse the website  of a place that sells the best tacos this side of the border and then beg your husband for some even though the nearest location is around 12 hours away...yup that is what I am doing... cause this baby NEEDS that particular flavor RIGHT NOW!!!  
strangely I have yet to experience much of anything in the nausea department which is soo different for me...I have been extremely tired though. We saw our little one's heart beat today and I am so excited and relieved!  
My due date is January 29th now...I got the dating ultrasound today!  
you know your pregnant when the sight of your husband sweetly sleeping makes you completely jealous because you are tired constantly...and would love a mid afternoon nap! ( even though he is the one working nights and you are supposed to be keeping the kids quiet) ;)
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