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I think she is too young. Has she indicated that she is ready in any way?   We had this issue with our first daughter (holding her pee) while we were PTing and she ended up in the ER with a UTI. She wanted to sit on the potty, but she wasn't connecting that she was supposed to go and was holding it.
I will ditto the person who said to drink a lot of water. It is so, so important for supply.   Also, people around you will be quick to tell you it's OK to quit. If you want to keep going, find others that are committed too.
I don't think this is as big of a deal as they are making it out to be. This is a midnight meal, it isn't like it is their dinner. They're cutting the meal because almost no one uses it. Even if they are working night shift, they can do dinner and breakfast the next morning as hot meals.
Mid 30s.
I've:   Been skydiving Visited Egypt, touched the Nile River Lived in another country Wounded in combat   ETA: I've also driven across the US twice; from WA to Key West and back to WA three years later.
You'll be seen as a bad mom to who, that a**hole? Let's ignore the fact that she hit a child while telling not to hit, which is stupid in itself. I don't spank, we don't hit and if someone doesn't like it or they judge me for THAT, they're likely a sh&%ty parent and I could care less.   [Moderator note: Edited for profanity.]
In the Army, you aren't given a job...you get to choose your job as long as you are qualified for it. No job is completely clerical, there is quite a bit of physical activity required for each job.   I'm an analyst, but I still have to wear 30-40lbs of gear when deployed. You are still doing a lot of walking, you still have to carry a weapon. That in itself sucks and is taxing on the body, then you add in that it is 120 degrees outside and it is difficult.  
It happens all the time. If you are dual military or a single parent, you have to have what is called a "Family Care Plan", which outlines what will happen in the event you both are deployed (long term) or if something happens at work and you both need to work (short term). It is a packet with everything  prepped, like Powers of Attorney and other needed documents.   If you can't get a plan together, they put you out of the military.   I had a commander who left his son...
There is no physical standard for being in the military, you have to have a personal level of fitness for your person.  It is one of the biggest misconceptions about the PT test.
The PT test is not a physical standard for being in the military. It is a tool that the commander uses to measure your level of fitness vs your ability. Your general level of ability is based on age and gender. The standard doesn't just vary by gender, it is also divided by age. A 50 year old man doesn't have to do the same that a 21 year old man has to.       Women are in combat already. Instead of assigning them to Infantry units, they attach them to get around the...
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