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That poor child! I'm sorry you were caught in the middle of this. I think you did the right thing, and I hope this will have a happy ending for her child.
I'd be livid. At this point, I wouldn't go. Actually, I would go and have fun because Mexico is beautiful and there's a lot of stuff to do.   So, let me get this straight...she'd made a plan to celebrate with him separately? But he didn't know? And let's see...every single member of my family disappears for an entire weekend. I can't get in touch with anyone. But hey, I'm not going to think anything is going on!
I have a little bit of a different perspective. DH and I disagreed about spanking, but I never felt like he was blowing me off. I was abused as a child and the thought of hitting a child makes my stomach turn, because it was never a simple swat on the butt. DH, OTOH, was occasionally spanked and didn't have the negative reaction that I did. He felt like it would be acceptable to spank. Not saying that it was a favorable experience, but he has a very positive view of how...
I am so glad this is pretty much worked out for you! Gosh, how freaking stressful!
Wow, you are already 16 weeks! It goes by so fast! I wish Addison was a bit older so she could understand the whole pregnancy thing.   The pregnancy is going by quickly! I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow. It's another GIRL, so we're both pretty excited.  It's been super easy, much the same as last time. I feel pretty good, I should be working out more.  That's about it.
I think this is awesome!  Soldiers love getting mail!
Not too much going on with us. Work has been busy, my unit officially announced that they are deploying next year and we're doing  everything that goes along with getting a unit ready for deployment. Thank goodness my family isn't close enough to hear that news. I won't be going because I'm pg and have 6 months pp that I'm non deployable, but my family will be worried and upset and I don't have the energy to deal with that right now.   We're about 3/5 of the way...
We live in Dupont! I love it!  
When will he start getting his retirement pay?   I talk to soldiers about this all the time. So many want to leave the military so they can make more money...but so much of our income in not taxed, along with the additional cost of medical care that they often don't see any real benefit. People who have been in since they turned 18 often don't realize that it costs almost $100 to get your teeth cleaned or a couple hundred dollars for any trip to the Dr. In the...
If you have questions about the LOI/Rebuttal process you can always PM me. I'm a security manager so I can help explain things to you.
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