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Do you have statistics to back up the claim that lack of punishment is positively correlated to incarceration?  Brain research and child development research indicate the very opposite.  People are moral and productive when they are intrinsically motivated instead of extrinsically motivated (the result of forced obedience).
We've always had three house rules posted on the wall:  Be kind, Be truthful.  Show respect.  If there is a behavior that is repetitive and goes against one of these rules the person with the behavior writes the behavior they would like to practice for the week (with help if too young) and what they are going to do if they're having trouble following the behavior.  An example:   "I will speak calmly when I'm angry."   if I can't I will...   "Go sit in my room...
Hello! I feel for you, finding allergies is a tough business. Instead of guessing about the potential soy allergy the ped. should have referred you to an allergist. I did the elimination diet and when I told our ped. she referred me straight to an allergist. Although we had figured out many of the issues through elimination, DD is allergic to dairy, wheat, barley, corn, beef, chicken, pork and peanuts. Since corn is in literally everything that is not plucked directly...
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