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I chose "mine" and "theirs" because I changed my name when I married, so they have the same last name as their dad and I. I still use that name even though we're divorced, because I didn't want to confuse them (they were young) anymore than necessary after the split.
The area I'm living is has been really hit hard by the H1N1 flu strain, and all hospitals within a 2-3 hour drive are full to capacity with people who are really ill. Knowing this, and having your child wake you up saying that their stomach ached and their body hurts everywhere, what would your first step be? I am not the kind of mom to run to the doctor, but I'm really tempted to call and see if they'd prescribe us some tamiflu.   I'm also not sure what all I could give...
The first thing I'd look at is: is it actually an antibiotic the doctor gave you or did he give you something like tamiflu? The flu is a virus and will not be affected by an antibiotic, but they do usually prescribe tamiflu. The longer you wait, though, the less effective tamiflu will be. I think it's a good idea to discuss the fact that your one child has already developed a resistance to one medication already, tell the doctor your concerns and talk to him about why he...
My daughter is not even 2 yet :)  However, this is an interesting topic. I don't see myself forcing her to wear a bra, just like I don't tell my three boys what type of underwear (or even *if* they wear underwear) to use. My boys are all big enough, I don't feel the need to check on them when they get dressed anymore. Every now and then, someone will wear some boxer briefs that show a little longer than their shorts, and I'll give them a heads up. I would probably do the...
If that thumping keeps up, I might innocently call the police voicing neighborly concern and ask them to come check it out..... That could possibly make things worse, but I'd be tempted.
I think getting exercise is going to be a whole lot easier now that the kids are back in school. I decided we needed to walk instead of drive, and it took us 15 minutes to get there. Perfect, that's 30 minutes for me already! And it's nice in the morning right now, felt great. Baby loved the fresh air. Now I just need to get my mind wrapped around the fact that my oldest started 4th grade this morning. He's kind of growing up on me a little faster than I want...
203.2 this morning. Blah. Now that the weather isn't as hot, I don't have to be stuck at home as much so I'm hoping to get in some more walks. In fact, think I'll go now
I admit I used to do that all the time. It had more to do with me having little confidence as a mom (I don't know why). Once I realized what I was doing, I started making a point of bragging on them. So when I hear a parent complain now, I empathize and then point out how that'll be a strong character strength later on in life.
Love, love, love this series!
I can't stand milk, it makes me gag. Not just the taste, either, I have problems with the texture. Milk and dairy is not required for good nutrition, otherwise vegan children would not thrive. I would never force a child to eat like that. It's stressful for her, too. Maybe back off and try other sources and once the stress is off her, she'll become interested in milk and cheese. Obsessing like this only teaches her bad habits.
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