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Oh, what a horrible situation you're in. It sux that you feel like you do and can't enjoy your home. She has no right to harass you and your family. I would probably make those kids off limits for mine. And I'm pretty sure it's illegal to operate a weapon while intoxicated, I would certainly call the police. Not to be crappy but judgement is off and there are lots of kids around it sounds like.
They can "want" all they want, but you don't have to agree to a circ. Obviously, something's going on because two UTI's are not normal, but cutting off part of the penis is not the answer. You have a right to a second opinion especially when a doctor is proposing to permanently alter your child's body.
I agree, sounds like they need to be stripped. I have to do an extra rinse each time I wash otherwise I get build up pretty quickly.
203 this morning and not real excited about that. Sleep has been hard the last few days because of kiddos getting sick. New week, new start!
Oh, thank you, Cynthia! He's been going to the chiro a couple of times a week but still needs ibuprofen every day. We look into these, thx :)
15 months total so far and counting. Going back to work gets me every time!
That's awful! Babywearing isn't huge here, I only see it occasionally, but everyone is pretty positive about it. Only had one person about eight years ago ask if I was worried about dropping my son. No, if I thought he was in danger, I wouldn't have put him in it....
The child spacing I have is 15 months, 2 years, then 6 years. My two oldest being so close was honestly hard for me, but I was pretty young at the time and dealing with lots of other difficult things. Two years seemed like a breeze! lol. Then I just had our latest surprise this past May and oh my...totally different.   I think that what is right depends on each individual family. My three boys are very close in age and don't really remember a time without each other....
Oh, and I remembered another one: frozen meatballs and some bbq sauce. That's my kid's favorite.
Having this tonight!! yum
New Posts  All Forums: