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Another 20 min walk this morning, and will do a 10 min one after supper.   Did some core exercises after my morning walk.
Did pretty well yesterday, but ended up staying up late last night and sleeping in this morning, so I missed breakfast. Woke up to DP making Annie's shells and cheese for everyone, so went ahead and had some of that, then felt guilty and grabbed a handful of carrot sticks...   About to head in the kitchen now and fix myself a big salad.   Supper tonight is roast with baked sweet potato fries and some squash and zucchini.
We have several and my three school-aged kids (1st, 3rd and 4th grades this Fall) take one daily to school, even on the days they eat school lunch. Most of the kids in their school takes a bottle of water for classroom and there are a lot of straw types. My 14 yr old stepson asked for one while he stayed with us this summer.We get a lot of use out of them!!
Totally feel your frustration. My first and second boys are 15 months apart, then #3 came two years after #2 so for a while, I had a ton of little boys running around and getting into everything.   What worked the most for me was to gate off the kitchen. We just had to. The main living area was a "safe" place for babies, so I could let them play nearby while I cooked or did dishes. I hold and wear my babies a LOT but sometimes I just really needed a little space. I...
Yeh, every daycare my kids have gone to required vaccines according to the state schedule. I just signed an exemption because that's all I have to do in my state. Each state has it's own laws and if the daycare is licensed through a state agency, then they have to follow those laws. So, you can do like the pp mentioned, go to a health clinic to get them for free or cheap, find out the exemption laws, or find someone who is not licensed through the state (like a private...
Sooo happy I stumbled on this thread, lots of awesome ideas here!   For us, I always have pasta, sauce and we love cheese, so we have pasta with cheese if I'm not in the mood to cook, or sometimes I pull out a couple of boxes of mac n cheese and we do that. I hate feeding the kids that, so I'm trying to use my crockpot more often.
Eating well is my biggest challenge, I have very little appetite and if I'm not careful, I go all morning and until early afternoon before I realize I need to eat! Which then turns into eating whatever I can get my hands on (and is the reason I need to lose! lol).   Morning: smoothie made with yogurt, handful of berries and half a banana, and a scoop of protein powder   Lunch: first, I made everyone sandwiches and veggie sticks. Then, I made some quinoa because...
20 min walk this morning. Tried doing 30, but I start hurting if I push it all at once, so I'll do at least another 10 later today. This recovery has been slow and very frustrating and I know being active will help, as long as I don't overdo it.   I'm definitely going to check out the spin off thread! I need some accountability there, too.
Starting at 205.2 lbs this morning. I am just now starting to work out after a c/section so I'm really just wanting to get under 200 lbs and concentrate on making exercise a habit and writing down what I eat. Good luck, everyone!!
I remember when I lived in Texas and was still underage. My boyfriend at the time would tell the people checking ID's that we were married and I was able to drink since he was considered my "guardian" lol. That was about ten years ago.   I really feel I should have the right to serve my own children a glass of wine if I wish. As a teen, my parents would allow that on special occasions. I think the line needs to be drawn for parents who allow their children to abuse...
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