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Awesome story! congrats. Our babies were born the same day!
I'm 6 days pp and just started using my cloth today. I have old Freshies. not sure what brands are good today... but I have a variety of cloth pads, these have a liner that snap in and microfleece covered and are hemp. They absorb well and I have not had leaks unless they move down a little and get misplaced.   I was just using the tena serenity pads for incontinence:) They rock, lol.
I like Z or X :) Congrats!
oh, that was big, sorry. Above post is my Elijah, born 7-7-11!
My MIL arrived the day baby came, and my own mom lives 5 minutes away. I'm actually on bedrest right now, so it is a HUGE help having her here and she'll be here for 10 more days. My mom is coming over today to take care of me while everyone has a day at the beach. We get along great, so I wouldn't mind if she stayed forever. My own mom, kinda gets on my nerves sometimes..lol.  
What a cutie!  
Nice Big girl. Love the name, enjoy her and I'm sure you are just so in love! :) Congrats!
My midwife is coming over today, hopefully she can sweep my membranes. I have super strong contractions today, but they are about 15 min. apart. I can't deliver at home after 42 weeks :( My in-laws are flying in tomorrow, we all thought the baby would be here by now! Hubby and I just decided the more the merrier and his birth will be a party:)
I was due on the 1st...   small contractions...thought my water broke last night, but I just peed myself during a contraction~ maybe today:))
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