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They haven't returned my calls yet. 
I thought I was agreeing to a tetanus booster.
We have been loving it! The beaches, the people, and so much to explore in the surrounding area.
I never vaccinated my child. I never intended to even get the flu shot for myself. But today I was at the doctor for myself. After an appointment filled with tears I wound up getting the dtap booster. I have had an hours sleep and it was a stressful appointment. I was not in my typical state and wasn't aware of what I had agreed to until it was over. They didn't know what thimersol was, let alone if it was in the shot I just received. Any homeopathic remedy I can take...
Hello fellow Floridians,   My 7 year old dd and I moved down to FL from Buffalo, NY last month. We're getting settled and exploring our new home. Would love to hear from others in the area for good tips on what to do and where to go, play dates, mama friends, babysitting support, and all around good times!   Hoping to find my tribe among the cool people here in the Tampa Bay area!
Any momma's in love with their kid's school in FL? Would love to hear about it! DD's father is relocating to FL, along the central Gulf coast. I would like to relocate as well, as long as we're within a quick flight to DD's father. So narrowing our search in regards to where DD might start kindergarten next year. Thanks for any info and advice mommas!
Oh meemee, thank you for that! It makes a lot more sense and easier to be there for her when looked at in those terms.
Thanks moms! I appreciate all your voices here. It's amazing how verbalizing something makes it all less dramatic. I was having moments of crying in the car, alone, but once I wrote it all down for view, it stopped having such a big effect on me. I felt a lot calmer. I will check out that book series too, thank you. I don't want to make myself look like a martyr or hedonistic. Just that I don't get a lot of sleep, and I have made a lot of choices differently in order...
This is what my 5yo dd has been saying lately. I am distraught. I am a single mother, and have devoted my existence to being with her. Everything I do is for her, I feel I have deprived myself of everything and anything. I was never expecting her to acknowledge this, and after all, I don't want her to know these sacrifices since she is 5yo. However, I was not expecting to hear that she doesn't think I love her. What?!? When I do have to leave her, with her father, or her...
I guess my title says it all... We'll be moving to the area (most likely) in the Spring/Summer of 2011. I know a lot of charter schools have waiting lists, so I'm researching now. DD will be 6yo, and so far has been homeschooled or unschooled, depending upon your qualifying criteria. Any suggestions...if you are currently in the Wilmington, NC area? Thanks!!
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