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That is great!! And...I really needed to read something like this today as I am having freakouts about my 6 yo and his total disinterest in anything resembling reading.
We had a phone consultation and I just received the remedy in the mail. 1M Tuberculin. So...I am supposed to give him one dose tonight and we have a follow-up appt on Oct 19th! We shall see eh?
I freeze everything gross in our deep freeze that way it won't smell and you can keep it for a while. After some time passes I will tell him it needs to go and that usually works around here.
Yes, that does make sense. Thanks!
PB - a thousand thank yous! Very clear and informative. Many many of those criteria(?) really sound like him - the physical descriptions not so much but many of it really fits. I apreciate your time in typing that out. I have a vial of boiron 6c - would this be an all right potency to administer to him? What are your thoughts on this - also the complimentaries you mentions part. silicia and belladonna have been helpful in the past for him. thanks again!
nuanced conundrum indeed! You hit it on the head! thanks! BTW, am I alone in that every remedy I read about seems like it fits me? I drive myself crazy sometimes!
Thank you both for the replies - we have been moving towards looking at healing the gut and I have seen the benefits of magnesium esp for all of us! I will look through those links, Pat. I have looked at the MM and perhaps it is my own motherly bias but I feel he is more pulsatilla than calc carbonica. Perhaps they are linked? Complimentary? - this is where I get confused when the pictures overlap. Anyway, she gave us one dose last spring and he had screaming night...
Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a try. I really need to sit down and get all his symptoms etc in one place instead of flying around in my head. What I really want to do is fly back to WA state to my old homeopath. LOL
My son was given this as his constitutional remedy about a year ago. I have never really felt that it was the right one but that might just be me. She gave us one dose last april - didn't tell us what potency. I am hesitant to go back to her as my ds didn't like and I don't have the $200 and she is not exactly nearby. He has been sick off and on since May - upper respiratory viruses, an ear infection for which he was on antibiotics and now he is sick again and is...
My ds is the same age as your dd and we are dealing with this as well. I imagine you are right in her worry about you and the baby too. I just came across yet another developmental list of the 6 year old and two things resonated with me. one was - wants it all has difficulty with decisions - and the other was - more independent but less secure. My son cannot decide on anything - even food which is often too cute to eat! Their seems to be regret over things we...
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