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Most don't. The hospital situation here is absymal. I would say that if you are planning a repeat cesarean, St. Luke's is by far the closest thing to a mama-baby friendly hospital we have. Many moms have had wonderful family-centered cesareans there. They do not separate mom and baby unless there is a really serious reason (you can even breastfeed on the OR table - just ask ahead of time). As far as I understand, they are a pretty modern and up to date hospital and do...
Really comfortable clothes in the event of a Cesarean. You don't want anything that would come anywhere close to resting on your incision. I lived in my knit/jersey dresses (casual ones, like from Kohl's.) Make sure you have nursing bras or something nurse-able.   Chapstick!   Baby outfit or two   A full change of clothes for your partner.   Both your toothbrushes, razors, toilitries...   Camera and charger   Cell phone chargers   Computer and...
Since no one jumped on this, I'm going to keep it and spend the obscene amount I would have spent on shipping on a present for a FIN instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by baybee http://www.mothering.com/discussions...ghlight=gloria This story should serve as a warning on inducing VBAC women with castor oil, too. Wait, I'm lost, did we read the same link? All that says is that she didn't get her VBAC. I see nothing at all about the castor oil having any ill effects.
I also did not have any transition, or any signs of it. No symptoms, no increase in intensity. My labor was 100% the same from about 3 cm to 10. Contractions 1 minute or less apart, with a double peak every other one and a few triple peaked thrown in for good measure. My daughter was deep transverse - I pushed for 9 hours in a million positions, and she never got below -2.
Totally dig our old truck for this reason. Love it.
100% cranberry juice - it is not expensive here and the tart is delicious. I asked several people when that post first debuted, and most of my friends and family frink 100% cranberry juice on a range from occasionally to frequently. I usually have some in the fridge.
Quote: Originally Posted by northcountrymamma thank you for all the wonderful suggestions... In the end I decided that with another friend we went over to their house, cleaned up all of the homebirth supplies and did all the laundry, got their bed ready for their return and made a large batch of miso/mushroom/kale soup. We cleared away the birthing tub and all other items that were in the way and it was really really appreciated. They ended up coming...
Back and subbing to the new thread. on my 3rd cycle postpartum and interested to see if my LP is lengthening.
Quote: Originally Posted by MeepyCat Also, don't make assumptions about what her feelings are. She may be grieving about this, or she may not. Maybe she'll grieve later. Maybe she won't grieve at all. I found my emergency section to be a relief and have not felt sad about it, and I find the people who expect me to be grieving extremely frustrating to talk to. This is kind of what I was going to say too. I think the best opener once you get...
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