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A beautiful story! Congratulations to you!!
Yay Jules! Go Anya!! Lots of full moon labor vibes to you.
Congratulations Mittens!!
Go Jules! Hope you're cuddling your LO right now! WCM - you really have bad luck when it comes to care providers, huh? It's a great sign tha you're feeling better. Woke up a few minutes ago to a goopy, dark brown bloody show. Oh, please, let this be the start of something...40+6 today.
Hoping for some good news from Jules! Still quite pregnant over here and starting to feel the pressure of a pending induction. I go to the hospital today for an nst and an u/s and they will require that I schedule an induction for next week. Never, ever, ever, did I think it would get this far. I certainly don't mind scheduling an induction, but I have no interest in having one done electively. I'm "only" 40+5 today but the weird thing is that over the last week I have...
Thanks for sharing your detailed story. It's so amazing to read the many, many different ways we can labor.
Crazy labor vibes heading your way Jules!!!
On Saturday I spent the day walking around DC and so many people commented on the belly "Girl, walk it down", "You look miserable", "How much longer", etc...but my favorites were the "how much longer comments, because to say "one more day" had people's eyes bugging out of their heads like some kind of Bugs Bunny character.  Ha!  Today when I dropped my son at school the looks I got were more like pity and that wasn't so fun.  I'm not that uncomfortable and I just don't...
Good Morning everyone!   Anya - I'm super jealous of your lost plug!  I've noticed mucous on my underwear for weeks, but just a little little bit.  I'm feeling like my little girl is too comfy inside to even think of coming out.    Jules - I have a feeling today will be your day.     SMM - I'm still pregnant too, but our numbers sure are dwindling!     AFM - still nothing going on here that would indicate impending labor and while I know it can start with...
That's great dmpkmom.   My dh is active duty army, so we will be birthing at a hospital near here, and as such I am scheduled for an nst and u/s on Friday (40+5) and then we will schedule an induction for the following week which I will push back as far as I can. That leaves me about a week to get things going.  C'mon baby girl!  On the other hand, with the idea of putting things in perspective, my dh and I had to pick up the daughter of a dear, dear friend from...
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