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I had a really hard time with Lily Padz, maybe I dried them incorrectly but they lost their stickiness pretty quickly for me and I wasn't able to continue using them...
I have the Ameda Purely Yours and am very happy with it, I've had it for all three of my kids. I know you can order the BPA free kit for it, but I decided that given the fact it was only going to be in the bottles for the time I was pumping I decided to keep the current parts. I just use BPA free storage.
I agree with the previous poster and couldn't do it either
segmenting is a good idea, thanks I'm still wondering if there might be a way to cook them though and make them a little softer... has anyone done anything like that?
Ok, so I used to buy the prepackaged plastic containers of mandarin oranges... to which my two girls would eat so fast I'd be going through 3 containers a week! I'm not crazy about them being packaged in plastic, but also the fact there's alot of sugar in them. So... I decided that from now on I'm getting fresh oranges or clementines when they're in season, but the girls of course don't like the texture. Any ideas out there that might make them taste more like the...
I agree with the lactation consultant idea, but I also found that for me feeding my kids while lying down helped very much with nipple pain, it seemed to clear up much faster that way. Still hurt for about a week or so though.
books are a favorite here
Does anyone have an patterns/measurements or recommendations for making a sling at home? I tried searching here but didn't seem to come up with what I was looking for. I currently have a hotsling and while I do like it I think the one I got is a bit too small, it works but I think a larger one might be more comfy, and I just can't spend the money on another carrier, so I was thinking I might be able to sew one myself and was looking for advice. thanks!
Hi everyone... just wondering what everyone uses for dishes/cups for their kids, I'm looking at the Ikea Kalas set... I've heard they're BPA free, but it doesn't say so on the website, just says it's polypropylene. Any thoughts? I really would like products that are free of BPA, phthalates, lead, pvc, and Melamine. I really would like to keep cost down if possible, looking to get a larger set as I have 3 kids that will be using it. thanks!
That was my thinking also, I have glass bottles and I would make sure to get BPA free storage. thanks!
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