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Just wondering what you all would do, purchase new, BPA free accessories for my breastpump, or just concentrate on getting BPA free storage bags? I'm wondering how harmful the BPA would be in my milk from just the pump and lines??
Is there anyone at nashaway ped. that is pro-delay vax? i'm looking for someone who will allow me to spread out the vaxes... I heard Dr. Bream will...anyone have advice? i'd love to stay w/ child health because we're already w/ another ped. there, but the wait times in auburn lately are awful.
Cole Gregory, 10/13, 1:43am, 9 lbs. 2 oz., 21 3/4 inches
Yes... my husband's insurance is going to change Oct. 1st and w/ it we won't have to pay the maternity co-pay ($500!) so I def. want to wait!!!!!!!!!
I actually think I felt it more with my second. I think it was because I realized how quickly it all goes by and how much fun it is to be a mom and watch them grow. I think I was more overwhelmed the first time with the whole experience, although I was totally thrilled, I just remember feeling it the second time... so much so that the nurse asked me if I would do it again and I said "absolutely!" to which my husband looked at me like I was nuts... but here we are again!!!!
I'm getting another one next week at 36 weeks to check position
How big I am I'm going to get a complex Seriously... I have people telling me "are you sure there aren't two in there?" or "HOW much further do you have... really? 6 weeks? Have they told you how much they think this baby weighs?!" Ok, honestly... yes, I've gained 40 lbs. so far... I was 117 to start out w/ and to be truthful I don't even feel that big. I know my legs are swelling slightly at this point and I'm sure some of the weight is there but honestly when I...
I honestly just drink when I'm thirsty, and it's usually not water, just whatever I'm in the mood for. The only time I bring a water bottle w/ me is when it's hot out (like right now in the northeast) and I'll be going out... then I make sure to keep hydrated
thanks ladies... sounds like the general consensus is that they're not needed/necessary. W/ my past two girls I just used jammies that were easy to get into/out of at the hospital and then at home just used a nursing bra at night... so I think I'll just stick w/ that instead of spending the money on the nursing pajamas
I have the same thing when I've been really busy and moving around alot.... and I have some sciatica to go w/ it so usually I get pain on the right side too and it shoots down to my knee.
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