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I did have a baby shower w/ our second, but it was very small and thrown for me by my two cousins who I'm very close w/... just close family and friends and it had a specific theme I think a get together though to celebrate the upcoming arrival sounds nice
Hi everyone... my DD is 4.5 and over the past week she has all of a sudden started waking around 2-3 a.m. Originally it started as being scared of the dark, so we opted to give her a nightlight and leave her door open (she used to sleep w/ it closed). It has now progressed into her being fixated on when daddy is leaving for work. His job means he has to leave at 4 am. So she will keep waking me up asking if he's left yet and telling me she's not tired. I can hear her...
and obviously don't do too much packing and stuff at one time... we're in the process of moving now too and I basically packed most of our stuff in one day... and then paid for it that night, my back was exhausted! So take it slow and easy Unless you're having movers come and do it, and then I envy you
This is going to be our last too, and honestly I haven't had time to think much about it. We've been in the process for just about my entire pregnancy of selling our house and moving, so most of my thought process seems to be taken up by that. And I love being pregnant too. I think I might be a little in denial also, I know I probably will feel more like that once the little guy makes his appearance and I know that baby stage will be gone before I know it
I thought "I'm a Big Brother" or "I'm a Big Sister" is cute. There is a bottle in it though. It's by Joanna Cole.
I actually bought alot so far... we're having a boy this time, and I do have two relatives who are giving me their stuff, but I ended up getting stuff on clearance for next summer. I'm just buying 6-12 months... hoping that he'll fit into the stuff the way my first DD did, since she was an October baby as well. The store I bought from tends to run a little large so I think it should be fine. I usually try and buy ahead, so I'll probably wait until the fall/early winter...
I also tried as much as possible w/ DD to put down the baby when she was napping in the beginning to get some quality time w/ me while I wasn't nursing, etc. She was only 18 months at the time
At 20 weeks I gained 20 lbs. I go again this Friday so we will see how much more is added to that
yes, I see it too
I'm not sure, because this is my first experience with one, but I got a co-sleeper, it can attach to the bed, and I believe (and other moms can correct me if I'm wrong) they make one that's larger that converts to a pack and play? So you could have that option too. A crib is handy later on, but maybe in the beginning that would do until you wanted a crib... not sure though how long you can keep a baby in the pack n play/co-sleeper... my girls were in their cribs around...
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