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Thanks for this site... I'm going to try it, we're having a boy this time and I can't seem to think of boy names! I like the name Annelyse (Annalyse) for a girl
Hi! Not in your DDC but I LOVE my Vera Bradley diaper bag. Love the fact it can be washed. It's pricey, but I think worth it It does have pattern though so I'm not sure if you would like that though
Yes, probably for a year or a little longer What is your favorite item you can't live w/out with a newborn?
Is it bad that I could drink Snapple iced tea by the gallon?? I know it must have some caffeine, but it's calling to me from the fridge!
That's fantastic, congratulations!
I have a 4.5 yr old and a 3 yr old so I understand Does he enjoy things like coloring, crafts? Maybe bubbles outside and sidewalk chalk? Stuff he can do while you're resting in a chair or laying down? Honestly sometimes my girls will ask to do an activity/get something for them and if I'm having a tired moment or if my back is hurting (which it's been doing lately) I'll just tell them it's going to have to wait a bit. It's hard though.
Ok, everyone is going to think I'm SO weird... but... I like the orange drink!!!! I know, sounds bizarre... I know it's sugary and gross, but I like it Can't help myself!!
This is our third and my DH has informed me many times, our last baby... I am not sure how I'm feeling about that, I really don't know if I'd want more, but I'm also sad at the idea of being "done". But I am preparing myself that this is my last pregnancy, etc. My husband will be getting a vasectomy I'm guessing next year sometime... I think that will be a little difficult, you know, sort of making it "final".
We are having a boy, and I have all girl clothes from my other two DD's... so I've been shopping too! Mostly buying for next summer, since that's where the deals seem to be right now, and I've got such cute stuff! I'm just hoping he fits into 6-12 month clothes like my 1st DD did next summer (she's an October baby too!)
My dh is in the type of industry where October is still busy for him... so he'll probably take 2 days off and be back to work.
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