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To be brutally honest, here is what we got in K: --DD was allowed to read silently during reading instruction --She was also given "book reports" to do at times, which the other kids didn't get ANNNNNND that's it. We have yet to see math differentiation, and she is in 2nd grade and now attends a gifted school. However, they are starting some computer math programs soon where they get to work at their own pace.
We have also generally chosen not to pick this battle. However, a word of warning--I have had teachers speak to us about DD's clothing when she was choosing not to wear her coat or to wear clothes they considered "not warm enough." We're talking short sleeves when it's 55, not bathing suit in snow here. I think there are adults who view it as neglectful or really worry about the kid...so, you know, be aware.
I would be going to the authorities about this, and I am not the type who does that very often at all. It would really push my buttons. This is why girls lose interest in athletics.
Welllllll, I don't know. They are expected to know how to read simple books, yes, but paragraphs with proper punctuation and spelling? My DD attends a school for high-ability kids and those kids are definitely still working on punctuation, capitalization and spelling.
My DD loses everything but has never lost even one thing out of her Laptop Lunch box, which we've had since she was 2! She doesn't remove the containers when she eats and even if she did, there is a visual cue that one is missing (the empty space). I love the box for this reason.
I spent about $40 this year. DD was previously at a charter where supplies were closer to $100 a year.
For another perspective, my DD had very similar early toddler milestones, including a bunch of sight words by 18 months. She was extremely noticeable in her 1s and 2s and her pediatrician told me that I should consider homeschooling at her 1-year WCV. She is now 7.5 and has tested as gifted, but moderately so (the number may be an underestimate, but I think it is not far off). She definitely does need accommodations at school, in part because she is highly motivated and...
My 7.5yo wears a toddler's size 13.5! But she is not really short--40th% for height and weight.
I think that was my thread a year ago! Yes, my DD does this--she often is reading 10 books or so at once. I can tell she really like something when she drops all her other current books and focuses solely on that. She also does not finish a lot of what she reads. I sometimes remind her of books that I know she was enjoying that will have to go back to the library, but mostly I've decided that this is just how she is.
I just want to offer you empathy and say that I'm so sorry you were treated this way. My heart just broke when I read about your little boy telling them he would see them tomorrow. I agree that this is not a good environment but it must be wretched to be going through this. Do you know anyone else who has had children at this school? I wonder if they could shed any light. We had some veiled threats made to us about our DD when she attended a charter school that turns out...
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