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Everyday Math was a flop for my first-grader. I actually think it's a nice program, but it moved way too slowly and in her case the whole class was in lockstep, always. They differentiated for reading nicely but the math was all together, always.
Just was looking at DS's baby book and saw these: "Why do people have heads?" (While in the grocery store, where I was staring at my choices and trying to decide what kind of hot dogs to buy for a group camping trip...we are vegetarians so he didn't know what they were): "Are we going to buy some fingers?" (At the pool) "But where do the lifeguards sleep?"
Thanks for the info on henna! We haven't told her very specifically why we aren't into little girls wearing heels, makeup, nail polish, earrings, etc (the earrings is more about my suspicion that she will not want to care for the piercings). We just say those things are for big kids and grown-ups and that she'll get to wear them someday when she's older. I bet even those saying nail polish and earrings are no big deal here do draw the line somewhere (eg, you probably...
Aw, I'm glad this has helped you. It has helped us a ton.I am posting to brag--DH just forwarded me an email from a coworker who is the director of DD's current camp."I just want to tell you how awesome (DD) is. She is so perceptive, articulate and sweet! You and (myname) have done a tremendous job so far."It's so lovely to get unsolicited nice feedback about her. I worry about her so.
This is going to really throw you off, but DD had 50+ sight words at 18 months but didn't actually read sentences and books till late 4, nearly 5. She could not have read a word like "watermelon" in that sight word stage, though.
I just want you to know that I understand how you're feeling and I know how hard it is.
My DD had a triple nuchal cord and a true knot and never decelerated during labor at all and was born pink and screaming. However, she was a 34-hour labor and a birth center-hopsital transfer. I dilated to 4 and stopped, for 12+ hours. I also pushed for more than 2 hours. So...one wonders. She was also posterior, though. I surely would have been sectioned with an OB, but fortunately I did have a CNM who was able to continue care in the hospital and support my desire for a...
Never without acknowledging it. However, if she is frustrated I'll ask her if she wants me to play my hardest or not. It hasn't come up in a while. We do try to buy games with enough of a luck element so the kids have a chance. I don't usually let the 3yo win, either, but I don't completely whomp him without mercy. He actually does beat me at Uno sometimes.
I don't know that she's okay with it, but it's not ruining her life or anything. It's on her radar, and I was interested in talking to other similar parents about how they handled the issue.
I think the police were out of line. They're probably in a constant "worst case scenario" mode because they obviously are the ones who see crime and problems, not perfectly happy kids who went next door to play and then came home. They were picking on you, frankly. I don't think your choice was outrageous in the least. I'm sorry about your mom, too.
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