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A family in IL lost there daughter to CPS because of a UC. There first child died after a c-section birth due to meconium aspiration. They UCed their second daughter. They thought something was wrong after the birth and took their DD to the hospital. She had a slight shoulder injury. The hospital called CPS, and the newborn was placed in foster care. Now, the baby is about 3 months old and is in foster care (maybe placed with the grandparents). The parents can visit 8...
I'm sorry about the daycare issue. I also have only offered my DD foods that are prepared as part of the normal meal. I do try to have one food that she really likes. I let her choose what she wants on her plate. So if she only wants one side dish, that's okay. If she only wants carrots and mushrooms from a soup, that's okay. I give very small servings (maybe 1/4 cup) and let her ask for more if she wants it. The small servings make the meal more manageable for her. It...
You just sign an exemption form. Vaccines are not required for school in Cananda. I think that you don't even need exemption forms in some areas. Canada's exemption process sounds easier than the process in most US states.
There is no vaccine for RSV (the RSV shot is an immunoglobulin for premies). Just say it scares you since it's such a common cold virus but can be serious in newborns. I don't pass my newborns around either and I've never had to give a reason.
You can only sue through the vaccine court if your reaction is listed by the manufacturer on a specific table of reactions documented by peer reviewed journals. The reaction must be within a very specific timeline that is different for each shot. In one of the cases before the supreme court, the child's reaction was listed on those magical tables but was removed 1 month before her reaction, so she got nothing from vaccine court. She is fighting for the right to file...
We chose to skip Hep A specifically because it is usually so mild. Cases like your sister are rare. Catching it as a child = lifetime immunity. The vaccine is too new to know how long immunity lasts. Catching hep A as an adult increases the risk of complications. To us, the benefit of having a chance for natural immunity in childhood outweighed the risks of the disease.
A court ruling defined religious exemptions. It's quoted on his board in many threads. Is it the "Wexler decision?" Do a form search for that and see if it turns up.
Have you checked the law to see what is required? I thought MS law only required MMR (or titer check), polio, and DTaP. I think the number of doses is lower than the CDC schedule, too.
This happens to my DD every time she gets sick. She gradually comes out of it but it takes quite a while. We just had our first illness without nursing at 30 months. And she is still not eating much. She will beg for rice, noodles, or crackers, so I am doing my best to keep that stuff out of the house. As long as those aren't an option, she will eat some more nutrient-dense foods. Bacon and coconut water have always been some of the first foods to tempt her appetite...
A neighbor was discussing her "busy rotation" in the nursery today. She did 5 circs. I feel sick seeing her now. She is a 2nd year resident, so, as stated on here many times, people aren't getting a skilled surgeon to cosmetically alter their newborns' penises. If this is cosmetic, shouldn't people at least get a real surgeon. Do they not even care how inexperinced the person cutting their sons is?
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