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No, don't bite your baby. Why don't you get her some teething toys. One that worked good for us was a fish shaped ring with water inside. Put it in the fridge, then it's cold and comforting for those teeth. Good Luck!
Ladies, I need some help! I need to get my 2 yr old on to a serious dental care routine. So far, we do the Spry xylitol gel and Tom's strawberry toothpaste. He hates brushing his teeth, of course. I'm ordering the Spry xylitol mints for in between brushings and food. I also want to get him some new toothpaste. Any recommendations? Obviously, I don't want anything with fluoride, so can you recommend some good toothpaste you had good results with? Oh, and I'm getting...
Washable crayons and markers!!! That's all we have around here. Ds loves to draw on himself and walls. I only bought washable Crayola products from the beginning. They wipe off easily with a damp towel. No problems and kids get to still have fun.
Humans can get infections/diseases in many different body parts. Women and men can get breast cancer, we don't remove newborn girls breast buds. Cervical cancer- we don't perform hysterectomies on newborn girls. Toe infections, ear infections, lung cancer, the list goes on. We don't prophylactically remove any body parts, except for foreskin?
I've sold tons of things on Craigslist. It's better than consignment stores, but might take some time, depending on the items. You'll definitely get more money on Craigslist. I usually meet people by Target or some other store/shopping center. Good luck!
Excellent! Congratulations on the baby and a wise DP!
Congarts! I missed mine. Oh well, there is always 2000!!!
MOVE!!!! Seriously, it sounds miserable and so not worth the $200.
Find a new playgroup. I wouldn't want to be around people who hit their children.
~got a flu shot ~dxed with MS 6 month later ~got pregnant ~found MDC ~put two and two together = no shots for my son
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