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I think that's a good idea (going to the doc) you just never know what it might be, and some things are time sensitive. Good luck, I hope babe is better soon
Ewww well if that's the case then, that's awful. What a horrible thing to hope I haven't ever met anyone like that though. Thankfully!
Ok, who has EVER said it's "cool" to have a premie? My guess? no one. No one on this thread said it, and no one I know in real life has ever said it. Even if they didn't know the difference between premie and preterm, I assure you, they did not think it was cool or to be part of a club.
I really never meant to be rude, and If I had known I was being rude saying it bugged me, I wouldn't have said it, honest. Is it not rude then to talk about kids with sippy cups when one knows there are parents that are fine with sippy cups and give them to their kids? Just kind of the way I saw it, or I wouldn't have commented. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone who breastfeeds beyond that age. It wasn't meant to be a judgement of anyone.
Of course I see the connection. There are however people who need to eat meat to be healthy and saying they are hypocrites because they think animal abuse is wrong, is just plain judgemental. Everyone is different, you can't start calling people hypocrites because they have a different view than yourself.
I think it's ridiculous to think that people who eat meat are hypocrites if they are horrified by animal abuse.
LOL good question! I am a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of boards here, and I'm not used to navigating it yet... I found this thread by searching "two year olds"
Thank you Pat, I appreciate it!
Yeah, I get it. You want me to get lost. No I don't subscribe to Mothering Magazine. This site was recommended to me by a friend.
I am very supporting of mothers and mothering, as well as breastfeeding in public. why would you suggest otherwise? I believe you should breastfeed for as long as it's giving your child the nutrition he/she needs and deserves. I believes that's 2 to 2.5 years old. (AHA says babies should breastfeed for 2 years) roughly, any longer than that, I believe is just for comfort and old habits die hard... JMO... I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I upset anyone., that wasn't my...
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