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Well I love all the tips but right now the donate twelve things is extra inspiring as we ready to move.
Why homeschool?  Because you want your children to have more time for play, and to learn along with them...plus oh, about 100 more reasons! :)
Anyone recommend a ped in Madison?  We were referred to the office Associated Physicians...Dr. Sia, Dr. Nondahl, Dr. Rainwater, etc.  Good?  Thanks! Any recs within that practice if it is a good practice?
Thanks for your reply Linda...I guess I agree and maybe respectfully disagree as well.  I have changed my parenting to be the parent he needs...And yes, definitely a loss...And yes! I make my children both do things they don't want to do if it is something necessary for their health and well-being (my DD had to be evaluated for a brain tumor...lots of unpleasant and downright miserable things I put her through because I had to)...but I feel like the core of A.K. is...
Thank you so much mammal_mama!!  
So we move to Madison in 6 weeks or so...And wondering if anyone has current recommendations for Peds/FP for my two littles...We alt/delay vax and will either have Unity or Phys Plus insurance.  And totally a shot in the dark...but anyone know what insurance is better if you have a kid with apraxia as far as reimbursing for therapies?  Thanks!!!!
Linda on the move...I guess I am unsure how to interpret your statement...Could you elaborate?
I, too, wonder about the possibility of changing the insulin protocol...and WOW! lots of hugs for your friend.
Not that I know of...but haven't made a big effort to find one as we just recently received a diagnosis and will be moving soon...Eventually I would like to find one/start one.  :)
No particular advice...but HUGS...so hard balancing life with kiddos and making sure everyone feels the love...It is great that you are thinking about it and making a plan...
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