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Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant It wasn't addressed to yourselves? I wonder if someone gave the wrong address for a family who got registered as a family in need???? No it was addressed to us... I was talking about the return address
It's a Catholic church... Which we are but attend a differnt parish, so I don't think it's a re recruitment thing.... It was just the street address too, no name so I googled it.
I never have before and wish I knew who, so I could thank them. Yesterday when we came home from church there was a card on our door... unaddressed, unsigned with $100 bill inside. Then today we received a card in the mail with $50, also unsigned, but with a return address of one of the local churches. Not one we have ever attended however. Did we somehow make it on someones needy list? If we did I would feel really bad, we aren't really well off, but not badly...
Quote: Originally Posted by enfpintj I'm sorry if this is combative, but I don't agree with saying cavalierly saying my priest who has been a learned priest for 50 years is wrong. It is not cavalier to say that this priest is wrong... he is intentionally misleading you because he doesn't agree with the Church... That is not a kind, wise or learned thing to do. He is immperiling SOULS with his false teachings...
Quote: Originally Posted by cagnew If you do not believe what the Church teaches, then you do not believe in the Church's authority. You do not believe Christ set up the Church and guides it. If you do not believe these things, you are not in line with the Catholic Church. You deny one of the core beliefs regarding the authority of the Church. One or two or twenty priests do not speak for the Church. Priests, bishops, cardinals- heck, even popes (and...
According to Catholic Church teaching any use of artificial birth control is wrong. Take a NFP class, educate your self on the different methods and you will find that it is indeed "for you". Any Priest that tells you ABC is okay is not in line with the teachings of the Church.
Most companies do not consider pregnancy to be a pre exsisting condition. I have ended up switching or joining an insurance plan while pg and have never had an issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Butting in... When I thought I was pregnant a couple of years ago, my then 13yo wanted Bellatrix for a girl or Severus for a boy. I'm kind of glad I wasn't pregnant after all. Reader of Astrix? LOL Mine are coming up with fairly tame ones... A lot of Sarah, Sally.... I am wondering whats up with the S names though..
elcome It is hard, I have a hard time blending into many groups, both here and in real life as well. My faith is such an intrigal part of how I live my life that I think I come off as weird. :P
Go, have fun... be civil, but otherwise ignore her.
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