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Thanks Auchencook!!
We're moving to the area soon and we're looking for new friends(for both me and my kids). My kids are seven and almost four, and we are unschooly homeschoolers.
Loving these questions, I'm interested in moving my family down there as well! I'm especially curious about the vaccine laws. We are vax-free as well.
Did you end up going down there, phytoangel? I'm guessing yes from your picture and description of location. ;-) Just wondering, because my husband and I are considering moving our family down there and I'm gathering as much information as possible. Some connections would be nice too!!  
Oh, Spabis, do you live anywhere near Athens? We're relocating there pretty soon. I'm looking for other homeschoolers to play with.
Spabis, does PBH have ideas for kids just starting out? Momsteader, I've looked at TJE online and it seems to me that I would be one of the ones that hate it. lol....I might check it out from the library just to make sure though. I think I'm leaning more towards The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling ideas by Linda Dobson....at this point I'm not looking as much for books about homeschooling methods, but ways to keep my 6 year old engaged and interested in learning. He...
Right now I'm taking a look through "Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners" on Amazon, and it's looking pretty good. My kids are 6 and 3, and my 6 year old is a kinesthetic learner and has a strong, leadership type of personality. I really think he would most enjoy unschooling, I just want to make sure I'm doing it right, and providing him a variety of opportunities to learn. :-) \
Personal experiences welcome...my three and a half year old daughter and I have an agreement that we're stopping nursing when she turns four, and right now I am really just needing to be able to put her to sleep without nursing. I've been going out some evenings for some much needed personal development time ~ last night there was an event an hour away from my house, and she stayed with her daddy, who she adores, and she has fallen asleep cuddling with him two or three...
Thanks, Emily!!
Thanks AAK!! I've been contemplating the online ETC....I think he would enjoy that more, but I really struggle with limiting screen time as it is, and I like that these type of workbooks enable him to practice reading and handwriting. So I thought we would try one ETC workbook to see if he does well with that, and then maybe opt to do the online part instead of getting book 3. :-) Thanks for the suggestion, though!
New Posts  All Forums: