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My son is 6 and is just starting out reading, has been sounding words out pretty well for the past couple of months and actually reading sentences with easy sight words, and even surprising me sometimes with easily sounding out words that seem a bit more challenging. I plan to continue working with him and though I don't know if I want I want to teach him every grammatical rule per se, I want him to be able to read with ease and know the exceptions to rules. He is a very...
Shared on my FB wall...Mia Lou  :-)  
We homeschool to strengthen the bond between my children and I, and because I feel that sending them away every day, all day, to a place that teaches them what to think, not how to think, is just plain wrong.  
Feathers Forever, sure that would be great! BabyMae09, that site looks amazing, thank you! :-) We have no definite plans just yet, but we are keeping it open as a possibility. Please keep me posted if you all make it down there!  
  That didn't make much sense. By making the letters of my old Scrabble game into magnets to make words with him on the fridge.
My son hates it too. lol I'm thinking I'm going to start by getting a label maker and putting labels on everything so he can start seeing what everything is called and how it's spelled, and by making the letters of my old Scrabble game and making them into magnets and making words on the fridge.  
I have a 6 year old ds who up until now has shown little-to-no interest in learning how to read...it's not something that I want to sit down and "force" him to do, but I know that once he learns to read the rest of his self-directed learning experiences will really start to take off ~~ so I want to gently nudge him in that direction, without necessarily doing formal lessons.  We've briefly tried "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading" and it did not go over...
Any homeschooling, or otherwise-attached mamas in this area? We're considering moving down there sometime soon.
No one?  
Also, RE: our values...we are a non-vaxing family, and I like to treat ailments as naturally as possible. How easy is it to find practicing ND's in Costa Rica? Chiropractors? Any other non-vaxers living down there that can share their experiences?  
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