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Anybody live in one? My family and I are looking to move there at some point during the next couple of years, and I wanting information on the cost of living, etc. As the title says, I am interested in finding an intentional community that correlates with our values(generally just working together to take care of the Earth and of each other. ;-)). I've been looking at this one online, and it looks amazing, but wanted to see if anyone on Mothering had suggestions as well....
Lol, I think this will work. I cannot see DD climbing over a baby gate...she is for the most part pretty cautious, except in the case of having seen her brother scale the ladder of his bunk bed, and now showing off her newly acquired skill ;-) ~ and DS can easily get over a gate, so it won't keep him out. It's worth a shot, anyway! Thank you.
 Lynn, thanks for the reminder to make it more positive :-)...I do tell her what she can do but I usually throw in the "No, don't do this" first. Something to work on... I know she will get it out of her system in a relatively short time, it's just extremely inconvenient and not always possible for me to drop what I'm doing and run in there every time I hear her go in...that's if I even hear her! I'll have to discuss the other ideas with DH and see what he thinks....
She just figured out how to get up there by herself and now I cannot keep the girl down on the floor; she's running in there every 5 minutes. And not only does she love being up there, but she keeps standing up, jumping and bouncing all around, which is making DH and I more than a little nervous. I am telling her "Do not jump, sit, or bounce around on your butt" -- and she is totally ignoring me. I want to encourage her independence and usually am pretty good about NOT...
I came across this blog post the other day, and it sums up my feelings about motherhood(and more specifically, staying at home), awesomely: http://momastery.com/blog/2012/01/04/2011-lesson-2-dont-carpe-diem/ I don't want to go on and on about how my life is so terrible, because it's not, and I am grateful for what i have and for the opportunity to be watch my kids grow up....but I feel so trapped, so much of hte time these  days. I have a 2 and a 5 year old, the...
I love this, thank you for that information and for taking the time to link to that blog. :-)     I like that comparison, and I can see what you mean. Thankfully, we are in the clear, no vomiting since Christmas Day and I didn't even lysol anything. Thanks for the input too. I forgot about GSE, that's another good one.
what do you use to disinfect your house afterwards? Baking soda? Borax? I usually use watered down vinegar/tea tree oil to wipe things down, I just want to make sure things are EXTRA clean now. I guess tea tree would still be a good idea, being that it is anti-viral.
Thanks for that info! Tentatively planning on attending. Anyone going to be at the Athens Target? I can try to make it to Mall of GA, but I am closer to Athens. 
Thank you all!! Those sound great...I will definitely have to narrow that list down greatly, but thanks for the wide variety of ideas.
Chapter books, maybe? He doesn't read yet, but we are working on it.
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