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For those that got their silks from Dharma trading and dyed them yourself...which kind of silk did you get? There are so many options, andI kinda want to have an idea of what I'm getting. :)
Good ideas, serenbat, I hadn't thought about bringing them water. That is a definite can do!! I also have some winter items I plan on donating to them. :-)    
Also, one thing that we can do as a group(and from afar), is petition food companies to label their foods that contain GMOs...that is one of my personal pet peeves, that I have no idea what is in some of the foods I feed my children....we should not have to question what's in our vegetables, for crying out loud! And of course, the next step would be to boycott those companies that refused to comply with honest labeling. I also wouldn't mind seeing all soy derivatives...
I LOVE these ideas, Peggy! My kids and I went to our first OWS event last night, and I am so glad we did...I have been watching from the sidelines(facebook, basically) since the beginning and have been so full of desire to join them or do SOMEthing, because I completely back this movement, but haven't really known what to do because I'm a SAHM with a 5 and 2 year old, and as someone said above, my plate is so overwhelmingly full already: my husband works a LOT and it is...
I had no idea I had gotten this many replies! lol Thanks ladies! Lots to think about. I love the idea of a science backpack!!
I didn't really know what Cuisenare rods were, thanks! Definitely planning on getting some of those and some pattern blocks.    
1, What does/did a typical day look like with your kindergartner? I'm trying to gather fresh perspective, particularly for mornings: I tend to be a slow starter and kind of resist just jumping right into the day, and my ds is just gogogo from the moment he gets up. I've been relying on tv lately, which I don't like, and want to ditch that habit before it gets any worse. I would like to hear about the rest of your typical day also, though. 2, What is your favorite...
Thanks, Vallere! Oh, I'm so excited, I could just pack up and go right now but realistically I don't think we will actually move for another two or three years. It's good to have places in mind though, so on our next drive up we can check some places out.
My family and I live in GA right now but are looking to relocate to South or North Carolina within the next 2 or 3 years...I am really looking forward to this and would like to hear all about your favorite towns....we prefer living in the country as opposed to the city, but want to be no more than an hour from the beach. We have family in Wilmington NC, and friends in Monroe NC, so it would be nice to be within reasonable driving distance of those places....but mostly...
There's a 12th insight?? Holy cow, I didn't even know there was an 11th!! I need to get with it. lol
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