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Okay, I'm doing it!  Mostly because of the versatility of them, as FAmom pointed out. I read this one review on Amazon from this mom that was going on and on about it, and named like 12 different things that her and her kids have used the SW table for. I figure it will come in handy for homeschooling.  Thanks mamas!!!
So I was all ready to throw the idea out, but now I am totally confused. Can't you guys all agree?
Does your school-aged child(5 year old) play with it too? DS is about to turn 5, and I also have a 20 month old little girl. I know SHE will be all over it, but I was planning on getting it for him for his birthday, and it would go really well with his party as I am doing a beach theme. But I was researching them today and they seem to be geared toward the 2-4 crowd, and most of the reviews I've read mention how much their toddlers love the table, etc. I just don't want...
Storm Bride, I empathize. My ds is turning 5 next month and he is a hitter. It was the worst when he was three, and then we started using an "angry box", which is a shoe box I filled with things he could use to acceptably express his anger...crayons, paper to scribble on or rip up, and modeling clay to pound. He didn't use it for a while, and sometimes I would try to redirect him to it when he was angry, often with little success.   He finally used it a couple of times...
I can SO relate to the bolded statement! My ds is turning 5 in May and he completely exhausts me, everyday. He does. not. listen, it seems, unless I raise my voice practically to a screaming level. :-( There has been quite a bit of screaming going on here lately, and I am just at my wit's end...I was a little disheartened to read what you typed about GD not working....sometimes I feel like I just suck at it, but I keep going back to it as a primary goal in my parenting...
I was uneducated about subject, my husband was adamant about it, and I allowed it to be done to our boy. :( I deeply regret it, but I try not to beat myself up about it. I didn't know any better.
Thank you! That does help. I'm starting to look into different schools, and I need to go check them out and get a feel for the instructors. I definitely do not want to put him in anything too rigorous, and I want the main focus to be self-defense and self-discipline. I'm definitely taking my time and picking the right school and program.
Thank you.
OTOH, a small part of me is scared that it would backfire and that he would use his new found skills on me or his sister. I guess that's where the self-discipline part would come in. Hopefully!!
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