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If he likes dinosaurs, there is a cool new-ish show on Nick. Jr called Dino Dan. It's not a cartoon, but the description suggests that it's ok for ages 5 and up, DS is 4 and a half and he really enjoys it.   It's about a school-age kid(probably 8 or so?) that sees dinosaurs and tries to take care of them. I'm not sure if anyone else can see them, I think his mom might be able to feel their presence, but she is still skeptical when Dan talks about them. It's pretty...
Nobody does family meetings??
I thought you were asking: "Is AGE 4 easier than age 3?" to which I was going to reply, YES!!! ;)
I was wondering if anyone does family meetings, and what they typically look/sound like. :-) Our ds is 4, and the reason I want to start doing them is that there seems to be a lack of rhythm in our household....he rarely wants to help with much of anything, and I want to start getting him used to a routine of maybe choosing at least one way to help me per day. Plus I want to create a safe space where we can all sit down together, to hopefully increase our connection and...
I heard about this on facebook...they've taken the book off the virtual shelf, but from what I hear it is still available through Kindle, and they have still have another book of that type for sale.   I probably will not be shopping there again. It seems that they will put practically anything up for sale in order to make a quick buck...I am all for freedom of speech but I draw the line when that speech can cause harm or trauma to other beings, and especially children.
For Christmas...we've decided to give each of our kids 1 book and 1 toy each, and 1(maybe 2) toys that they can both play with. I have a few ideas for dd(who will be 16 months), but I'm undecided about ds. Is there a toy/building set that your very active 4 yo boy absolutely loves and plays with every day? I know he would love a marble run, but I kinda want to wait another year to get him one, as he is not great at picking up after himself and I would worry about dd...
Quote: Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie It's turned out well in the end. Good solid boundaries and back to a good relationship. But I had to let the disagreement go, otherwise we'd still be in that awful spot 5 years later. That would suck. She is who she is and I am who I am. It's life. That's great. It looks like that is what is happening over here too. She stopped by today(which I knew was happening ahead of time), and ended up...
IntuitiveJamie: Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by SleeplessMommy Y'all know about Leechblock, right? It is a free Mozilla add-on. It tracks time used per day AND allows you to set limits. You can set web sites in groups, so MDC can be in the same group as diaperswappers, ratemybaby.com, and justinbieberfansite.com. (or whatever) Awesome! Thanks!
I'm in! Don't have a stopwatch though, unless there is one on my phone. I am also guilty of coming on here for a "few minutes" 4 or 5x a day, but sometimes I get sucked into things on here or on facebook and it ends up being much longer. I'll check my phone and check back in here.
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