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I've never heard of powders causing any problems, just standard diaper creams that might cause build-up/wicking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleepyheaded_Mama I have never seen gnat eggs, but apparently, I am not a hugely squeamish person when it comes to bugs. I mean, I'm sure the eggs didn't survive 4 hot cycles, one with bleach. I don't know if gnat eggs are dark and leave stains behind, but I don't think I would throw the dipes away. Pretty sure I would do my best to get rid of any stains and then give up and keep using the diapers. They're probably cleaner than...
My DH definitely likes that we CD and recognizes both the health and cost benifits, but he doesn't do the washing. I know he would if I asked, but he doesn't know how to do it right, and I'm picky ! He has done some stuffing and changing with our pockets, but if he had his choice, he would rather me do the stuffing. But then again, I'm picky so I'd probably rather di it myself anyway, for the most part.
Agreed! I've had no problems with either my washer or my diapers when using Dawn as an occasional means of stripping the diapers. Works great!
I don't necessarily have the answer, but a few suggestions... 1. Try stripping the diapers, even if you think they don't need it. It's worth a try. 2. Turn them inside out and make sure your PUL isn't cracked somehow. 3. It's a good possibility that the BG's are leaking where the seams were sewn. If that's it, then it's easy to fix. Go to the outdoor sports section of Walmart and ask for some waterproofing spray that is used on tents. Follow the instructions on the...
I used sposies for the first few weeks until I got on my feet. I love cloth diapers though, and I'm seriously considering using them from day 1 with the next baby. I really think it's a matter of personal preference more than anything. If you want to start with cloth but you're worried about stains, you could always use liners.
: I have seem plenty of little girls do this on their own. It's their nature to nurture and want to feed a baby, but is it really necessary to have a special doll and a bra complete with little nipple-buds? I think not!
Yeah, that would definitely freak me out a little, but then, I realize too that it's not all that big of a deal. And like pp said, it wasn't too long ago that it was extremely common. I would just watch you LO extra close for a day or two...he'll probably be just fine!
You can bake with it! DS won't take a bottle either, so one time I had a couple of bottles worth in the freezer, which I didnt want to go bad. I was making bread and ran out of cow's milk, so I used breastmilk instead. Turned out just like normal. I wouldn't serve it to anyone outside the family though (Hehe!)
Having nursed both a GER baby and a "normal spit-up" baby, I will say that what you're describing doesn't sound like either. I second the pp suggestion to go on an elimination diet. I would eliminate anything you think could possible be causing harm, dairy being top on the list. Wait a good week or two, or at least as long as it takes to get rid of symptoms. Then, if you've removed multiple things from your diet, reintroduce them one at a time until you have figured out...
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