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What about supplementing with Grapeseed Extract? I know it helps with nosebleeds in general, not sure about related to cycle days though. Might be worht a try.
Oh, also the herb Red Clover is I think good for increasing both male and female fertility. It tastes good made as a tea too!
Progesterone cream really helped me with conceving #2. You can get it at the Health food store. HTH!
Sorry, mama. Hope you get your bfp tomorrow. I'm playing the waiting game myself. No fun!
I agree with pp. That article is ridiculous! "Some women may like being pregnant a little too much"!?! Is there really such a thing? Pregnancy is such a beautiful time. What's wrong with enjoying it? Great point about the people who adopt, btw. Ridiculous!
Anyone know how to find out how many posts I have. I'm trying to make my siggy, and MDC won't allow me to use more than one smiley b/c I don't have 50 posts yet. I would like to know how close I am. Kinda hard to decide which one of my children gets a smiley and which doesn't (Hehe!) TIA!
I hope you all don't mind; I just needed somewhere to vent! My cycle is so messed up b/c I'm still nursing my second child (10 months). Last month, I had my first "real" period since he was born. Up to then, I could tell my body was cycling. I was tracking ovulation so that we wouldn't get pregnant, and I could also tell when my body was acting like I was on my period, even though there was little to no bleeding. After that last period DH and I decided to stop worrying...
It's sad, isn't it, that we have to worry so much about what people will do concerning something that isn't even their business. But, since we do... First of all, it's not your problem if people assume that you are going/not going to the hospital. Let them assume what they want. You know you're making the nest decision for you and your baby, and that's what matters! In my situation, my parents don't like it, but they know better than to do anything to try to thwart...
Quote: Originally Posted by segata I think,if it's a boy,they're going to call him Bob..B name Oliver Last name(which apparently starts with a B) ETA:Nevermind,I just reread it and I don't get it because she said their last name ENDS with a B...hmmm I'm sorry! That's my Mommy/pregnant brain speaking for you! Our last name begins with a "B". So, if we name our son "B....." Oliver "B....", then his initials would spell "BOB". And the reason we...
DS1's name is Peter.
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