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subbing too.... same story here, but right now we are in asheville nc, a very cool mt town etc....but if dh gets a good offer in boulder...ykwim? i lived in my tent in nederland for a summer as a hippie teen...and loved it...how do you find rentals there? anyone know of any good schools there? thanks!
wow! i am so glad i posted, thank you all for so many great ideas! i am going to do the treasure hunt idea, i do one almost every holiday...complete with little riddles that lead to the next clue. i think the binocluors and bird book idea is AWESOME as is the knitting mushroom. a lot of the other ideas we do already have, set the card game is awesome as are canvases etc! thanks again....6 is that strange doorway between the ages time, where her play is totally...
any ideas? i do not want to buy plastic junk OR spend a lot of money...but it seems like this year all the toys are too immature for her level. we have a ton of books already and we getting her a new bike....but b/c she is still only 6 i want her to have the feeling of a lot of stuff to open....so any ideas?
This idea is free, green, AND promotes community. I help organize a holiday toy swap. Anyone who registers shows up at the swap with their kids’ unwanted toys. They then assign a point value to each item and place them in the corresponding piles. The moms take turns picking toys from the piles and use up all the points that they have to spend according to how many points they brought to swap. At the end, the unwanted toys get donated to a local charity (instead of...
where do you get the clay?
being a waldorf inspired preschool teacher (of both my own home preschool once and an official preschool now) i can tell you that low enrollment is a very tricky problem. and not just for the teacher, b/c if she does not have enough students she might have to shut down the whole school. but i think that her asking all the parents to stop sending toys from home to school should not be a problem for anyone, she could just put it out there as a general concern about...
Grow With Me Learning Cooperative is now enrolling for 2009-2010 for PreK and Kindergarten, and we will host an Open House on Tuesday, August 11 from 10AM-12PM. This is an excellent time to meet our teachers and community members and to see our fabulous space. GWM is in it's third year meeting at Groce United Methodist Church, 954 Tunnel Road, Asheville. (drive to the back of the church and the classrooms are next to the playground) The Grow With Me...
ok thank you so so much for reading and replying to my post. i read about Salicylates and the very very long list of foods that they are high in and i wonder b/c in some ways i do thin that the big 4 (soy, gluton, corn, dairy) should be eliminated and the foods high is salicylates. but then how could she be healthy and well? what is left to eat???
thanks moma, just a funny note and i swear i WILL stop and go to bed: when i saw in your post the "ROTFL" i had a moment of panic thinking "oh god! what crazy thing is that that i do not know about yet either~~~!!!" and then i realized it was just the laughing yes it is alot of mystery work. but i feel so behind.
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