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ok i have been reading the 101 healing thread links for a few hours and need to go to bed, but if someone could be so kind as to explain to me detox pathways a little more and how i keep the open and well running for me and my kids and what foods besides kraut and miso have enzymes? oh and i do not understand the rotation diet vs ED THANKS
first i have known something has been acting as an irritant since both of them were born (dd is almost 6 and ds is almost 2) but i have tried elimination diets here and there (always felt like i was shooting into the dark YKWIM?) i have taken them to our pedi and some natural healers..... anyway, i finally feel like they are food allergies/sensitivites and i found a chiro who also does alot of nerological testing and muscle testing....and i can also aford him as he...
what is a ELISA test?
ok sweetie, i could have written (and already have many many times) your entire post word for word about my dd who is almost 6... and yes thank god i have her little brother now (almost 2) to prove to myself and the world that i am not the worst mother in the world for "causing" my dd to act like a crazy, mean, rude, rough, rotten, cruel, etc kid so often. i have done and tried many things...some of which i am not proud of (including a brief and unsuccessful spanking...
still looking for friends in old fort....
we have our first appt with the lady dr on main st (70) in old fort this tues...i think she is cool with not vaxing, we will find out...that is all i know. i picked her b/c she is close (we live in town in old fort) do you live in old fort area? we have lived here for a month and found NO ONE who lives is town that has kids and wants new friends.... i would love to hook up with another mdc momma.
hi asher!! where are you located? please lets hook up and play. we have met NO ONE in old fort with kids. PM me with your number.
thanks for all of your input. i was surprised at how quick it was from old fort to black mt....and i know there are lots of fun things going on there. i am undecided about going to the UU church in BM or the episcopal church (st james) in BM.... i will have to try out both and see where we fit.
anyone? we are thinking about buying a house there. my husband works in black mt....i went to warren wilson many years ago, and thought old fort area was way out there....but we can afford to buy there so. we homeschool so the schools are not an issue. i know that our new house would be walking distance to the library. anyway, are there play grounds? does anyone live there and homeschool? talk to me!
hi ladies, we just moved here yesterday (and i am soooo tired) we live up in bat cave and i am looking for get togethers and play dates etc. we home school and i have a dd 5 and ds 1. i would REALLY love to find a momma close to bat cave so that i do not have to drive all the way to asheville just to play. we moved here from a cute town in the chapel hill area, so my dd had a lot of social time, we lived right in town. she misses her friends and is ready to make...
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