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so you can buy live ed stuff per book/subject or do you have to buy the whole grade curriculum? almost $400 seems excessive to me for what i saw on the web sight for examples of the lessons etc.
my solomon osiris is ! 11-3 we had a sweet day with things he loves: my boobs, singing and playing in the sand box with sissy (5!!!) wow we are old. we had carrot cake sissy wrapped all his gifts for me! and he loved to play with paper more than the trucks! i love my boy, he is one of the greatest joys of my life time.
we are thinking about moving to durham from pittsboro chatham county. my dh works in CH (right down town). we are ready to buy our range is in the 170s.... i would love good neighborhood suggestions! thanks...feel free to PM.
maybe!!! we are in pittsboro.
i don't know how others feel about this, but after i had our second child (she was 4+) i needed dd to be really consistent with her bathroom independence! so i had this conclusion, wiping is a big girl act, so is eating ice cream. so when she did a good job wiping, she could go to the freezer and eat ONE spoonful of icecream.... it totally worked.
we are here too! my dd could go to k this year (or next as she just turned 5). we did a preschool age homeschool co-op last year that was art and field trip based... this year she has a day at the horse stable, soccer, one day volunteering at our church ran soup kitchen, sunday school, 1 field trip a week (museums etc), and then several scheduled play dates a week. our basic fall k curriculum is tree climbing...she is obsessed with it and i think it is great...
is there anything i can make at home to use for diapers and or clothes in the washing machine? seventh generation is sooooooo $$$$$$$$. thanks!
my dd is five and loves reading! and getting mail....we bought a bunch of card making stuff so we would love to send cards to a pen pal.... melissabb in canada have you found a penpal for your dd yet?
yes, thank you! i do know all of that, it has always been hard for me to see her behavior as age appropriate b/c she is so so advanced intellectually and physically...and i am realizing more and more that her extreme giftedness can lead to her feeling easily frustrated with her environment. (i think my dh was the same way). we have our first morning of soccer today, i think that will be a place for her to learn some social norms in a really physical setting. the...
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