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i am stuck here. it is mostly in my saggy tummy. anyone want to be weight loss buddy with me? i actually don't own a scale i just want to exercise more, eat less sugar etc goal: size 6
my 6 month old is teething and has hada cough and post nasal drip too, i try not to freak out and think she has whooping cough or something (LOL) she always seems happy and willing to nurse, so i too think it is the teething the coughing can be a little scarry though
my sister's dd hits the redial button all the time...usualy calling my mom (aka nanna) you can imagine how wowed they were that a 1 yr old "called her nanna all by herself!"
it is so nice to know i am not alone! my mom and i talked about the situation alot.....she will not treat my brother's future wife this way. the in-laws also come to town once a month, criticize my parenting (she is spoiled, i hold her too much, why don't i give her a bottle so they can just take her back to the hotel for a couple of hours...or TO THE FREAKING MALL,,,,it is about time you put her in day care and go back to work, DON'T pick her up, see how she cries...
yes! i agree with every reason everyone else has listed: use my gut, learn the truth, consider the power of greed and $ behind the pharm industry and their relentless push for more and more and more vaxs higherpower/faith in my baby's ability to fight of illness if i keep her healthy.......IMO vaxing her does the opposite of keeping her healthy..... and when i think about the fact that vax's are grown on the tissues' of OTHER ANIMALS and then we get their dna in our...
hey ladies this question is for my lovely sister who just got married ans trying to concive (about 4 months of no birth control and 1 month of realy charting her ovulation...corectly.) anyway she is 36, had 2 previous preg ...one tubular and one miscarriage...... so my/her is: could her previos surgeries: tubular preg., DNC, pus a galbladder surg. cause scar tissue and prevent her from conciv.? should she get an ultrasound? thanks
why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????/// do MIL's get off on being manipulative with their gifting? thanks for the advice my mom and i are going shopping for WOODEN HIGHCHAIRS TODAY! i'll say that the one she bought is a factory reject or something (missing a part got a stain on it ........i'll throw the "missing" part in the trash before i send it back to the company) then tell her that i found another oneand would she help us pay for it instead! i don't like being...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my MIL keeps on being me very expensive baby gear,having it shipped to my door, with out even consulting me!!!!!!!!!!!! she just sent me an email that a new high chair will be here tomorrow! it is not AT ALL what i want///// i know i sound like a bitch but we are poor and i have been looking forward to picking out my baby gear...i have been researching for YEARS and i have told her that i don't want this or there is a certain kind of...
i also recomend taking hi outside for walk, it id the only thing to calm my crier down, by me or dh.......we even just bundle her up at night and walk till she is out 1 good luvk, that must be so hard....i am about to try a couple nights work out too, i hope my dd doesn't freak out!
we live in ga, and our ped TOLD me there is no reason for me to come in if she is well. he is also the ONLY dr in our whole area who will continue to see you if you don't vax, the only! but besides that, he doesn't seem to know much about what i consider to be true health care...oh well, at least he isn't turing us into to feds
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