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I PM'd you but don't know if it came through... please let me know if we can come over!  :)
keep us posted, Fyrebloom... crossing fingers!
Nice to see new activity on this board.... good luck, smohs, and please let us know what happens!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MommatoAandA I live in MA and need a pedi who doesn't mind that I will not vax. Also one who doesn't believe in the merits of circumcision or retraction. Anyone have suggestions? Our Dr. is completely holistic and totally supportive of not vaxing. Alexander Angelov, in Swampscott.
monocyte, what day are you on? i might be up for a drive to the south shore if we don't see spots this weekend... it will be 3 weeks monday since exposure and my DD has no spots yet. this was our 3rd try, am getting discouraged
well, my dd was exposed 14 days ago and had flu-like symptoms starting last thursday right through monday... i thought this was it! then yesterday she felt well (her tonsils were swelled, but that's it) and no bumps. today, she felt 100% and, again no bumps. i practically looked with a magnifying glass... she doesn't even have a blemish. nothin! i don't know what to think. besides her tonsils looking a little swollen, there is absolutely no sign of anything out of the...
My dd has no spots but has classic symptoms (unfortunately they are also symptoms of the flu). If she gets spots this week, I will post and maybe can share this weekend. I am in Lynn, MA.
hi guys - i think we may have it! i will post again when i know for sure. dd was exposed 11 days ago and just came down with low-grade fever.
I just got word tonight that a friend of my mother's has a daughter with confirmed CP in southern Maine. Am going up with my 5 year old DD tomorrow – it's the last day she's contagious so I found out just in time. I am in the north shore Boston area and willing to share if we get it... you guys will be the first to know!
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