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Are they asking you, or is it on the intake form? I've never had it come up before and we've been through a few different dental offices (yup, I'm picky about our providers! )
On the steps leading to our bathroom. My neighbor given to bad word-play calls her my stepchild. . I sure didn't plan it that way...just tired of being in transition and had the idea that squatting on the toilet would speed things up! I guess that wasn't necessary. Worked out great for DH to catch her though.
Nah, as long as you're happy with where he parks it!
That must be quite the challenge there Sweetsilver....maybe you could clean out the garage?
Share your lemon spray and toilet cleaner recipes please, Kitchensqueen?
Hehe thank you, I needed a laugh tonight! Bonus points if you can find the "car parking thread" .
Call Poison control...they can tell you if he needs to be taken in/what to watch for. Hope he's ok.
Could you let her see the urn? My Dad, who lived with us for my daughters whole lives, died when they were 9 and 2 and they put little drawings and flowers beside the urn "for Grampa". The little one is 5 now and understands pretty well. She asks questions of course but the concept of cremation doesn't disturb her. My sympathies for your family; what a tough situation for all.
I'm looking for a gently used Rubens farm baby (the kind that can suck it's thumb) for my daughters 6th birthday in late June. She has her heart set on any of the girls from the collection but the new price tag is not in the budger this year. Will be happy to pay $ but also open to trades- I have a lot of homeschool stuff and various toy and little girl clothes.
Well.....if they are anything like me they keep meaning to wait until they have time to sit down and compose a well thought out meaningful letter, then get caught up in hectic life. Then weeks later remember and feel bad about it but wonder if it's been so long as to be awkward, promise self to make it an even better letter. Get busy AGAIN....lather, rinse, repeat. So yeah, probably not anything you did.
New Posts  All Forums: