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Have you tried electric/lightup/musical toothbrushes? It does the trick for my almost 6 yo, though I do have to stand over her a good bit to make sure it gets done still. Her older sister I have no problems with in that department because she's seen the aftermath of my many dental surgeries...high motivation there. Do you drive her to school? I'm always running late and there have been many mornings we've brought flouride free (so swallow-able) toothpaste & brushed in...
No particular date, just whenever we get around to it. This year I'm waiting to score some cheap airtight storage containers. Stinkbugs infiltrated the attic this year so decorating was punctuated with bloodcurdling screams every time a kid reached into a box and found one. Gonna try to skip that next year,thankyouverymuch!
Have you considered looking for other homechool families that might include them? I work part time nights and homeschool (12 & 5 yo), but keeping my 5 yo neice during school breaks has made me realize that adding another child to our mix is surprisingly easy. It would have to be a good fit, obviously, but something to think about. I could also see hiring a caregiver to supervise them if they are old enough to do most of their work unsupervised (didn't catch your...
Mellow until nighttime, then went south a bit. It wasn't so much the kids melting down, but that I was running on 2 hours sleep and totally lost my patience for over-wound children/referee ability towards the end. Great Christmas overall though Even the inlaws kept their crazy under control, which is very rare on holidays.
Ya, funny what the favorites are...my 5 yo's fave was halloween stick-on nails that DH threw in by accident 'cause my stashes got mixed up. DD 12 was over the moon with her signed trading cards, which made me happy because they were hard to find.
Stockings were a big hit here too! With the kids and my Mom, anyway-DH and I haven't opened ours yet. Hope everyone is having a wonderfull Christmas!
Not stupid at all to feel hurt! You can be grateful for what you have and still be (righteously!!) pissed off that your partner didn't show you some respect on Christmas or your anniversary. I would be livid, and probably just make dinner for myself in your shoes. That sucks.
I can't remember how old I was when I figured it out but I do remember discussing it with friends and deciding that we'd better play along so the presents didn't decrease. DD1 didn't buy it at all until 5 or so, then got into it until 8. Now she loves playing Santa for her 5 yo sister, who still believes.
I'm no help, but OH BOY, can I commiserate! "almost-6" is a challenging age over here too, especially in the defiance department! I don't remember it being this hard last time around...or maybe I just blocked it out.
Aw that's cute. I still have (badly sewn) stockings I made for my gerbils when I was little. We do pet presents here: sock O' catnip, deer ribs for the dog, guinea pig gets the greens from the carrots the girls put out for Santa's raindeer.
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