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Same issue here, except the ad is tripled and covers all but the first post. Always the McRib ad.
Just the fact that you put that much thought into it makes me sure you're not going to ruin her education! No public or private school teacher could possibly care more or know her better than you. What state are you in? We're in NC, and the testing isn't nearly the big deal I thought it would be. We can choose any nationally standardized one and no one sees the results, nor do they have to "pass". We use Seton, too, and spead it out over a few weeks. We delay most formal...
We're pretty unstructured here most of the time-kids more of less go to bed when they're tired. WHen we do need to adjust for some activity like homeschool co-op sessions or class semesters I've never had much luck (or, more likely, I don't have the patience for ) with the gradual approach. I do it all at once by getting them up early a few days before we need to operate on a schedule and devote that day to wearing them out. Hiking, park, swimming, physical projects like...
I sometimes put a magazine or comic book at the top so more stuff will fit. When even that doesn't work I either scatter stuff underneath or save the overflow for Easter baskets. Our stockings are pretty small too but my Mom bought them beautiful ones embroidered with their names when they were born to kinda match the one my Grandma made for me...so I wouldn't change it. Maybe when you make new ones use streachy fabric?
The best way I've found to work with my 12 yo uninterrupted is to stagger sleep times. Her 5yo sister stays up later, usually until I go to bed, so each gets me all to herself for awhile.
That sounds just like mine at that age. I was grateful esp. with my younger dd because that was the only time I got to sit still for awhile.
I don't think her reaction is extreme at all, nor did anyone else in the theatre most likely! We don't take ours to the theatre until after 5 just because of the sitting still factor but every kids movie I've seen there's been at least one kid crying/yelling/jumping up/ whatever. People expect that at a kid showing; it's really not the big disruption your DH is thinking it is. If anything people just thought "awww poor kid got scared, hope she's ok". I sympathize with...
No, not at all. We probaby have more sex since kids because we've learned to seize that moment when we can! Having kids in the bedroom isn't a problem because we have a special room for that now.
I'm using the mobile version on an Android phone. It's not a floating ad, really, but an ad that seems tripled covering all but the first post. Thanks!
I don't think it would be rude. At a formal dinner maybe, but not a casual game night. Kinda surprising there isn't anything else offered though.
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