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I don't think it would be rude. At a formal dinner maybe, but not a casual game night. Kinda surprising there isn't anything else offered though.
It varies a lot for us. I'm not much of a planner so other than co-op sessions and ongoing classes most of our outside stuff is "hey! There's something fun downtown today, wanna go?" At least two days a week minimum I try to stay home for my sanity though.
Have you tried appealing to the neighbor to "act as a Big Kid" and help you set an example? My big kids were a bit older than 7 but they usually were happy to go along with my pleas to at least not ruin foods for the little ones no matter how gross they privately thought it was.
WHoa; I am so sorry! MIL did that to DH'S nephews too- shaved their gorgeous baby curls into crew cuts. One of many reasons she's never babysat for us. I have girls and she harps at them about getting haircuts.
Iowaorganic~ if you have an Aldis' where you live they have them for .49 this week.
Aw don't feel bad! A lot of things in my kids' stockings are "cheater gifts"-stuff like lip balm, fun socks, sample size toiletries for gym bags. Toothbrushes are always in there but I try to get the kind that light up or play music to make it more special than just a regular 'ol toothbrush. They always love their stockings and the oldest is 12...so I'm sure your 5yo will like hers.
We have a family bedroom consisting of a queen for me & 1 or 2 kids and a twin for DH on the floor together plus a regular height bed for older kids when needed. They're all on slightly different levels but together, if that makes any sense. Our setup also makes a great "rumpus room" during the day! My 80 lb dog sleeps on her own bed (one of those foldout foam kid couches) at the junction adjoining my bed and it works fine. She would even huff to wake me when a wayward...
Usually mid Dec. for the big tree because we get a cut one so I don't want it to be dried out by the big day! The girls have small fake ones for their rooms that they'll probably put up tomorrow.....after I, *ahem* finish putting the Halloween decorations away.
Thanks to those who brought up World Market, I got most of DH's & My Moms' stocking stuff tonight . Never been there before....love the mini food things! There was a BOGO sale on toys, too, so got some presets for the kids. New rubber chickens for everyone!
It wouldn't let me choose multiple options, but I did play as a teen and don't remember any major drama-though there sure was potential in retrospect! We actually play with the kids (12 & 5) sometimes. As much as it weirded me out at first I play along in the hopes of offering guidance for future situations with friends and such. It's opened up some good discussions with dd12, and much silliness with dd5.
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