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Ooo the bubble bath reminds me! Jacksmagicbeanstalk.com used to sell awesome chemical free bath confetti years ago...I think it was owned by a Mothering Mama. Anyone know another source for something similar or if she's still around under another name? They came in cute seasonal shapes perfect for stockings & Easter baskets.
Yay, I always get great ideas from this thread! Even though I go overboard every year without extra encouragement. So far I have or have ordered~ For dd12~ -autographed Hunger Games cards -iTunes gift card with a puzzle case so she has to work for it. -tin of lip balm -erasable ink pens -alice in wonderland sticky notes -chocolate orange for the "toe" For dd5 -packet of bath color tabs shaped like a snowman -chocolate orange -sample size shaving cream -a mustache -2...
What the...? Totally normal, and your ped sounds like he or she has some issues. I don't think I've ever known a toddler who preferred clothing to naked. Let's be honest here: clothing pretty much sucks and who likes scratchy seams and tags that poke your neck?! Your little guy is way ahead on the modesty compared to my kids, who didn't care who saw them at three.
Sure, my 5 yo showers with me...saves time and water! Her sister stopped at 6, mostly because with my huge preggo belly there wasn't any room left , but her natural modesty kicked in about that age so she probably would have stopped anyway. I would say "too old" is whenever anyone isn't comfortable with it anymore.
Honestly, I can't think of any approach that wouldn't make me cry. I do try to keep the yard presentable but dh and I care for my Mom, his Grandmom, homeschool our children and work (night shift for me, running a business for him). There are only so many hours to work with and having a perfect lawn is so far down my priority list right now that the best I can do is keep the toys and tools in some semblance of order between feedings and butt-wipings! Fortunately we live in...
I always want to, but never do because I'm afraid it'll make matters worse or come across the wrong way. There needs to be a secret hand signal!
Ya, that would probably bother me. My Mom takes pics of the great costumes sometimes but she always asks the parents first.
Wow, that's just mean! Not to mention awkward for everyone else. I hope the other kids save her some candy. ETA- do you know what the offending behavior was? I can't imagine anything I would take a holiday away for at 8yo- short of beating up a kindergardener or something. And I'm assuming violent behavior would result in more action from the school than just dropping from the honor roll, right?
Where'd you get the comic books? That would be good for prizes for older kids at parties,too.
Ahhh, tone would make the intent there! I think text was just a bad format for that conversation. It would probably irritate me too, though.
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